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Thread: Duskruin Bags of Holding

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    Default Duskruin Bags of Holding

    Why donít they just make stacking based on item name and some kind of item type meta field (potion, weapon, etc). Seems that would be an easy usefulness fix/improvement.

    The fact that value and charges seem to be considered smells more like bad implementation rather than intentional. I could understand stack size matching though otherwise people could game the mechanic too much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zarston View Post
    A bundle of wooden arrows were "too complex to be stored in the sack"
    I got to admit, this is really funny. Mechanically, I'm not sure why ammo would be too complicated to put in the sack. Is an item that has multiple sub-items is too much? My best guess is that they just don't want the bag to be used as a quiver at all. If arrows worked, a full power bag of holding could hold 100 unique stacks of 100 arrows. You could literally carry a 10,00 arrows weightlessly. Oh well. But as someone else already said, we still got warrior sheaths for arrows.

    Oh and they are clearly cashing in on the fame of DnD's bag of holding. It's easily one universally useful items you could find during a game. Shame this things doesn't live up to it's name.
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    Things are getting added:

    You can now store both 1) bag of holding expanders, and 2) Duskruin Bag of Holding collectible pieces inside the Bag of Holding. I also made a minor update to a specific situation that may or may not affect an item that was previously blocked. However...

    If you find items that will not stack inside the bag, please post them on this thread. Let me know 1) what the item is, 2) where you received the item, and 3) the error message you receive when you try to place the item inside the bag. (Side note: I am aware of the gem-stacking issue; for now, the gem jars are the best option for gem storage.)

    Just like the L/D notes, the restrictions are wide until I can evaluate whether or not allowing them will break something. And if not, I can add exclusions to allow them.

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