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Thread: FWI Festival -- July 2018

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    Default FWI Festival -- July 2018

    Charyia will be back with updated stationery inventory at Now is the Write Time. She also has NEW fancy envelopes for sale!

    G>nudge envelope
    Eyeing the front of your parchment envelope, you decide to write the address sloppily.
    G>write my envelope;To: GM Elysani
    Writing sloppily, you address the front of your parchment envelope with your red feather quill.
    G>read my envelope
    The front of your parchment envelope, sloppily written in Common, reads as follows:

    To: GM Elysani

    G>kiss my envelope
    Bringing your parchment envelope to your lips, you tenderly kiss it and leave behind a faint lip-shaped mark.
    G>look my envelope
    The envelope is closed. You see a faint lip-shaped mark on the seal. There appears to be something sloppily written across the front.
    G>burn my envelope
    Spying a nearby fire, you toss your parchment envelope on the flames and watch it quickly burn.

    [[Note: Burning the envelopes only works in rooms that have fire/fireplace props. This will destroy the envelope.]]

    Charyia will be raffling off a few max deep stationery boxes, as well as working on the items in her shop during the course of the festival. Stop by!

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    Services will be different in Platinum, with some repeats of what Prime has. Keep your eyes peeled on that side of the forums.

    Distribution method will be up to individual GMs providing the services, but expect some randomized method.

    Enchanting will be limited to a final enchant of +40 or below, no more than 150 services on an item, and no combat scripts.

    Creature Bane will be available for a single creature or one of the existing groups, minus Undead Bane. No stacking of Creature Bane will be offered.

    As far as I am aware, there will not be gem cutter pattern altering.

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    Or on Discord as: Alastir#9661

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    For raffles, I'll be offering two custom perfumes and a Nalea/Yfane gown.

    For limited services, I'll be choosing winners for unlocked Vanishing Point gowns, unlocked metallic gowns, unlimited-use custom bottles of nail polish, and unlocked neckwear (allows you to toggle between cravat/bowtie/neckerchief/scarf) with customized pins/studs.

    I'm also posting a teaser from GM Quilic:

    Plumthorn the Sprite will be raffling off a number of interesting additions to weapons. Interest is sure to bubble up in these offerings, to the point that some might feel like they've been poisoned! She's quite sure her offerings will be a knockout.


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    Is the Farmers only store open? I couldn’t find it Friday and haven’t had a chance to jump in but looks like WIKI is blank too
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    there is a place with farmer tools i just found

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