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Thread: Official: New Treasure: Collectibles!

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    Default Official: New Treasure: Collectibles!

    A new treasure sub-system has been released: Collectibles!

    Creatures will now drop a new type of treasure! This treasure is exclusive to treasure chests and can be sold at the pawnshop like any other treasure. However, they may also be collected and redeemed for special rewards at the new collectibles shops located in each town. The collectibles shops will also store these collectible items for you, so you don't have to use up valuable inventory and/or locker space while working towards completing a set.

    The COLLECT verb can be used to keep track of what collectibles you have DEPOSITed at a collectibles shop. The previous functionality of COLLECT to collect seawater and blood for sorcery has been moved to the HARVEST verb. You can view the currently released collectible sets with COLLECT ALL (there are 35 at the time of release) and your progress towards a particular set with COLLECT SET [#]. If you are not sure if an item that you have is a collectible, you may use COLLECT EXAMINE to check if the item is collectible. Finally, COLLECT ACHIEVEMENTS lists the currently collectible achievements and your progress towards earning them.

    The new collectibles shops are located:
    Wehnimer's - North Ring Road
    Icemule - Commerce Burrow
    Solhaven - South Market
    Teras - Golvern Steet
    River's Rest - River Road
    Zul Logoth - Ruby Tunnel
    Illistim - Moonglae Var
    Vaalor - Rubicaene Wey
    Mist Harbor - Wisteria Crossing
    Cysaegir - Treetop Platform


    This message was originally posted in Game Design Discussions, Treasure System. To discuss the above, follow the link below.
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    >collect achievements

    Displaying your collectibles achievements: (Obtained achievements are in bold)
    #1. Redeem a Common Set (0/1)
    #2. Redeem 5 Different Common Sets (0/5)
    #3. Redeem 10 Different Common Sets (0/10)
    #4. Redeem an Uncommon Set (0/1)
    #5. Redeem 5 Different Uncommon Sets (0/5)
    #6. Redeem 10 Different Uncommon Sets (0/10)
    #7. Redeem a Rare Set (0/1)
    #8. Redeem 5 Different Rare Sets (0/5)
    #9. Redeem an Ultra-Rare Set (0/1)
    #10. Redeem 10 of a Single Common Set (0/10)
    #11. Redeem 100 of a Single Common Set (0/100)
    #12. Redeem 1000 of a Single Common Set (0/1000)
    #13. Redeem 10 of Single Uncommon Set (0/10)
    #14. Redeem 100 of a Single Uncommon Set (0/100)
    #15. Redeem 1000 of a Single Uncommon Set (0/1000)
    #16. Redeem 10 of Single Rare Set (0/10)
    #17. Redeem 100 of a Single Rare Set (0/100)
    #18. Redeem 1000 of a Single Rare Set (0/1000)
    #19. Redeem 10 of a Single Ultra-Rare Set (0/10)
    #20. Redeem 100 of a Single Ultra-Rare Set (0/100)
    #21. Redeem 1000 of a Single Ultra-Rare Set (0/1000)
    #22. Redeem 1 Set of Each Rarity (0/4)
    #23. Redeem 30 Different Sets (0/30)
    #24. Redeem a Common Collectible (0/1)
    #25. Redeem an Uncommon Collectible (0/1)
    #26. Redeem a Rare Collectible (0/1)
    #27. Redeem an Ultra-Rare Collectible (0/1)
    #28. Redeem 100 Common Collectibles (0/100)
    #29. Redeem 1000 Common Collectibles (0/1000)
    #30. Redeem 10,000 Common Collectibles (0/10000)
    #31. Redeem 100 Uncommon Collectibles (0/100)
    #32. Redeem 1000 Uncommon Collectibles (0/1000)
    #33. Redeem 10,000 Uncommon Collectibles (0/10000)
    #34. Redeem 100 Rare Collectibles (0/100)
    #35. Redeem 1000 Rare Collectibles (0/1000)
    #36. Redeem 10,000 Rare Collectibles (0/10000)
    #37. Redeem 10 Ultra-Rare Collectibles (0/10)
    #38. Redeem 100 Ultra-Rare Collectibles (0/100)
    #39. Redeem 1000 Ultra-Rare Collectibles (0/1000)
    #40. Redeem 10,000 Ultra-Rare Collectibles (0/10000)
    #41. Redeem 100 Collectible Sets (0/100)
    #42. Redeem 1000 Collectible Sets (0/1000)
    #43. Redeem 10,000 Collectible Sets (0/10000)
    #44. Redeem 100 Collectible Pieces (0/100)
    #45. Redeem 1000 Collectible Pieces (0/1000)
    #46. Redeem 10,000 Collectible Pieces (0/10000)
    #47. Redeem 100,000 Collectible Pieces (0/100000)
    #48. Complete all the Diety Sets (0/7)
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    >collect all

    Your sets available to be collected are as follows:

    #1. Profession Figurines
    #2. Polished Stones
    #3. Unusual Smooth Stones
    #4. Moonstone Cube Slivers
    #5. White Flask Pieces
    #6. Soulstone Shards
    #7. Silver Wand Shavings
    #8. Golden Wand Shavings
    #9. Blue Wand Shavings
    #10. Iron Wand Shavings
    #11. Coral Wand Shavings
    #12. Gold Coins
    #13. Ruby Amulet Shards
    #14. Pink Pearl Necklace
    #15. Grey Pearl Necklace
    #16. White Pearl Necklace
    #17. Black Pearl Necklace
    #18. Green Pearl Necklace
    #19. Grindstones
    #20. Rainbow Garments
    #21. Divine Absolution
    #22. Antique Lockpicks
    #23. Fossilized Shells
    #24. Meteorite Chippings
    #25. Pantheon of Liabo
    #26. Pantheon of Lornon
    #27. Pantheon of Neutrality
    #28. Spirits of Battle
    #29. Spirits of Life
    #30. Spirits of Power
    #31. Spirits of Companionship
    #32. Spell Pills
    #33. Bloody Bandanas
    #34. Guild Nights
    #35. Heirloom of Reim
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    What does collecting these give you? Aside from the obvious random pieces?

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    [Ta'Illistim, Moonglae Var - 617]
    a small alabaster stone building.

    [Antiques, Baubles, And Trinkets - ]
    Stacks of wooden boxes and crates are piled high around the small room overflowing with a wide assortment of trinkets. Various bits and pieces of curiosity are stuffed inside several dust-covered display cases. The walls are lined with wooden shelves cluttered with a tangle of items. Attendants wander in and out of the aisles, pausing to peer inside a container before resuming their search.
    Obvious paths: out
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    #47. Redeem 100,000 Collectible Pieces (0/100000)
    They're really going the distance with this.
    You had better pay your guild dues before you forget. You are 113 months behind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taernath View Post
    They're really going the distance with this.
    #21. Redeem 1000 of a Single Ultra-Rare Set (0/1000)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taernath View Post
    They're really going the distance with this.
    You gesture at a sparkling shard of reflective soulstone.
    Within this elementally infused shard you detect the equivalent of 32133 usable elemental souls
    Cast Roundtime 1 Second.

    That's my Confluence "scoreboard" so far that I've been tracking via stacking excessive kills into a reattunement crystal for the past probably 4-5 months. I usually forget to put it on so the "real" score is way higher, but even rounding it all the way up to 100k and considering the amount of grinding I do, and then factoring in the likely shit drop rate of collectibles, this is never going to be achieved by anyone, at least not without purchasing stuff from other players, if that's even going to be possible.

    Even with a 100% drop rate...I doubt anyone to date has found 100,000 boxes.

    A ridiculous goal like this should have a reward of free cocaine for life or something.
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    seems like it could be another clusterfuck idea? least we can turn it in i guess so it won't clutter our lockers

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    Looks like some of them are behind paywalls.

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