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Thread: A Multifaceted Blood Crystal to make a Major Bag of Holding

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    Default A Multifaceted Blood Crystal to make a Major Bag of Holding

    For Sale:

    a multifaceted blood crystal + a small treasure chest (minor bag of holding), enough to make your very own major bag of holding.

    BO: sold to GrimReaper, pending

    Auction will end sometime in the next day or two at my discretion, well before Bloodriven vanishes.
    Silvers accepted at 1.4k per 1k bloodscrip, Cash accepted at $6 per 1k bloodscrip.

    >get cry from my trous
    You remove a multifaceted blood crystal from in your spidersilk trousers.
    >anal my cry
    You analyze your blood crystal and sense that the item cannot be altered in any way.

    The creator has also provided the following information:
    This blood crystal appears to be one of the stolen items that the Ophidian Cabal ringleader is looking for! Place it in a provided treasure box to keep it safe. If you don't have one, speak to the ringleader inside his hideout. ASK him about BOX.

    Please note that once you store an item inside the treasure box, it cannot be removed.

    You get no sense of whether or not the crystal may be further lightened.
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    ..:: My Wares ::..

    Un-navable Gold Ring
    AUR Enhancives, Spell Aim Enhancives
    Spear/Jav Bando or Returner (prefer War-Hammer, but open)
    C==||====> Custom Forging Services - Get your perfect 2hander or Polearm now! <====||==D

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    I'll meet the buyout on the major bag of holding for the 35mil silver option.
    I can be reached on the following
    Discord: Grim Reaper#1313
    AIM (Until Dec. 15th): GS4Merchant

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