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Thread: Thoughts/feedback about lvl 19 uac/2x picker?

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    Undead aren't that bad if you 1x MOC. By level 30 you'll be able to take undead down fairly well, as long as you use some kind of RT disabler (i.e. feint, but if rogues have one that does more RT and works on undead - even better).

    UAC + MoC is really a great combo. Hard to train as a stealth ambusher reliant on crits kills though, but really strong if you can manage it.

    Also, you don't have to kick neck. Kick has low (tier 5) crit kills on chest and abs as well. Punch head / Kick chest would probably be stronger than grapple neck. Grapple neck is a bit harder to achieve than punching the head or kicking the chest. If you're going to go with a shield, you really need to have shielded brawler or it'll break your MM to a point where you will kill much less reliably.

    UAF is not nearly as important as MM for a unarmed combatant.
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    Cool beans thanks ill see about scooping some MOC along the way. I have shielded brawler that's my priority with shield points so far. I'll have to research disablers. I'll check out those other attack/location combos as well thanks.

    I also just discovered quickstrike and now I am very excited, down the road I can pop 2 second hides with shadowmastery and can probably sustain with stamina and stam recovery enhansives at least 2 second grapples from hiding, that should speed things along.

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    I'm not sure if you're aware, but you won't be able to use shielded brawler until you're in your 50s due to prerequisites and level limits. Also, MoC is really expensive for rogues compared to other squares (they even have higher costs than bards).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zarston View Post
    I would suggest against Voln as an ambushing rogue. For one thing, undead usually have very high perception and it is difficult to hide from them. For the other, a vast majority are immune to crit death. These two combine to neuter your hunting style.

    GoS is okay, but soloing camps as an ambushing rogue is a roll of dice that are weighted against you. You basically have to run away any time a crowd forms, run away any time certain creatures stack in a room, and are in danger of mass dispels or or RT locking maneuvers any time you aren't hidden. If you're willing to hunt in groups, then this becomes a much more viable option. [If you're solo and you manage to get ahead of the creature spawns in a warcamp though, it is a magical time.]

    CoL is my preference, but I'm a low hassle kind of guy who has no qualms with selling my character's soul for an easy power up.
    I cannot do warcamps by myself. Reason being is I need another person to distract some of the others. And if there are more than 7 creatures in a room, we generally retreat. I have no trouble ambushing everything at warcamps thought I and I pretty much crit just about everything.

    I think another added benefit about warcamps is if you are having difficulty finding something to hunt, you can always go hunt these.

    I did COL when I first played 20 years ago, but Sunfist wasn't an option. It is definitely 10x easier for sure. I really don't know which group benefits more than the other because I did have 2 rogues in COL, but I can tell you I am really appreciating and enjoying the benefit of working on Sunfist.

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    A character my gf plays is a rangers and she is doing two weapon combat with mstrike. I think we will keep her at 5 ranks of multiopponent and it is pretty sweet. It seems like a pretty valuable skill as she will not be an ambusher.

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    RE: shielded brawler being level 50 required

    "our Shield Specialization training is as follows:

    Skill name Mnemonic Ranks
    Small Shield Focus sfocus 3
    Shielded Brawler brawler 2"

    What am I missing? I have level 2 so far, do you mean I won't be able to max out shielded brawler till 50? That's fine, so far I'm doing great without society abilities or buffs.

    Any ambush rogues keeping 2 second hides (shadow mastery) and 1 second attacks from hiding using qstrike? Curious what the high end of stats/enhansives has in store for the late game on this type of build.

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