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Thread: Locker cleanout bids start at 1k SILVER (sorry about earlier!)

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    1k on E14

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    Updated. Going to consider the current bids sold in an hour or two at the most since I'd like to get this wrapped up. I'm still needing a few folk to get with me for their items. I'll be on within a few hours tops.

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    A6 MB

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    updated. everything bidded on right is sold... if you want something not bidded on just let me know and I'll let it for 1k or sell to the gemshop / pawnshop. Please get with me if you won anything. Thanks all.

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    Updated. Please get with me if you won anything. I'll be on for about 2 hours

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    mb w11 w12

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    Lil late there.. auction here is done though still waiting to get a hold of the winners.

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    Updated... also cleaned up some to make it easier to keep track of what to deliver and who still hasn't gotten with me. I'll be around most of the day. Feel free to PM me here discord or on Lnet. Thanks!

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    If I don't get hear back by 6pm Central from the last two folks, then I'll give the second highest bidder on the item the chance to buy the items. Most notable the ora claid.

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