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Thread: invdb.lic - Cross-character searching & tracking of inventory, lockers, bank accounts

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    Getting this when i try to update (on each character). I could reset my entire DB but would prefer not to...

    [invdb: bank totals are not matching, something is wrong.]

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    Any suggestions on how to fix this? My invdb no longer updates now as it errors out during the update process on all my characters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nocturnix View Post
    Getting this when i try to update (on each character). I could reset my entire DB but would prefer not to...
    I am getting the same thing.

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    Did you download the infomon that accounts for commas? Mine doesn't display the right total, but it doesn't error either. The updated infomon can be found on the official GS4 Discord server, pinned in the scripting channel I think. If you haven't done that, start there. Just downlead the file, delete the old infomon.lic from your scripts folder, and then put the downloaded copy in the scripts folder.

    Also, in game command BANK ACCOUNT verb allows you to see your account balances without issue if you need a substitute for ;banks.
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    I remember fixing an issue that looks like this, probably the same one. Make sure you're on the latest version of invdb, and if you still have this issue hit me up on discord.

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    FYI i fixed this by updating everything, including invdb (duh). Now it works.

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    I am getting a weird out put now for my character query:

    J>;invdb q char
    --- Lich: invdb active.
    --- Lich: error: no implicit conversion from nil to integer
    invdb:769:in `*'
    invdb:769:in `block in format_table'
    --- Lich: invdb has exited.

    Don't think I changed anything but it is doing it on all of my alts.

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    the syntax is
    ;invdb q char=<charname>
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rinualdo View Post
    the syntax is
    ;invdb q char=<charname>
    Except that I used to be able to simply type ;invdb q char and it would give me a list of every character that I had ever logged in, including when and level, but now I get that error message instead of the list.

    Oh, and everything else seems to be fine with the script, at least that I can find.
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    This was a bug. It is fixed now.

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