There were a large number of updates to the event with the Bank Heist. There will be a few more updates staggered with the opening.

* There is a supernode inside the Viridian Coil.
* Each lounge in the Bank Heist's hideouts are normal nodes and sanctuaries.
* The DUSKRUIN verb will be updated later tonight or early tomorrow.
* Your progress with the Bank Heist will be stored in the DUSKRUIN verb.
* You receive bonus bloodscrip doing the sewers, arena, or heist if you worked the Bank Heist. The SI get a bonus to the arena. The PH get a bonus to the heist. The OC get a bonus to the sewers. This will be displayed in the DUSKRUIN verb.
* The arena now tracks your last time and your fastest time. This will be displayed in the DUSKRUIN verb.
* More titles will be added early next week!
* You gain additional exp in the Bank Heist for completing it.
* You now gain a very small amount of exp in the sewers.

And as a reminder, HESS will be open Saturday after 9pm ET. We will try to make sure it is as close to 9pm ET as possible.

Wyrom, PM