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    First off, huge thank you to Platinum for their diligent testing. They uncovered a lot of things that vastly improved the experience.

    The Bank Heist is split into three factions, the Silent Investors (SI), the Poisoned Heretics (PH), and the Ophidian Cabal (OC). Each have their own tasks they are set to do in the bank. You have roughly 5 minutes to complete the your mission. There is combat and some minor puzzles in each that are similar, but different. Each have their own set of skill checks. The SI also has a stat check. These will make your time easier in the bank, but aren't required. Each group is trying to make it to the vault. To enter the bank, you'll need a stamped voucher (from the SimuCoin Store) and you'll want to GO with the various faction members in the hideouts.

    The SI are a hired militia/vigilantes that are tasked to stop the bank heist from happening. They're targeting the OC, but they also have to deal with the PH. Their job is to find and track the threats inside the bank. Once they complete their mission (or maybe failed), they will be awarded with a prize pouch.

    The PH are a band of assassins that are working to stop the SI. They aren't allied with the OC, and their motives are unknown. Their job is to watch and sneak around the bank and assassinate the SI marauders. Like above, they will be rewarded with a prize pouch.

    The OC are bandits who just want one thing. The riches inside the vault. They observe their surroundings, looking for things to steal. Unlike the above, they aren't awarded a prize pouch, but whatever they steal they keep.

    Each of the factions also give special awards that can make things easier for activities throughout Duskruin. They aren't too common, so keep an eye out for these trinkets.

    There is a new collectible for the heist, which you'll want to talk with the OC's ringleader about to get started. The collectibles needed are found only inside the bank.

    Improvements to the final quest reward can be found in the sewers.

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    I updated the mapdb and tagged the different factions.

    ;go2 Ophidian Cabal or bandit
    ;go2 Silent Investor or marauder
    ;go2 Poisoned Heretics or assassin
    Find me in game as Alastir
    Or on Discord as: Alastir#9661

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    You analyze your black glass sphere and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

    This is a void bomb that can only be used within Duskruin Arena. It causes damage from the loss of air pressure and can pull in corpses.

    You get no sense of whether or not the sphere may be further lightened.
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    You analyze your toxin-covered misericord and sense that the item cannot be altered in any way.

    The creator has also provided the following information:

    This can be used inside the bank heist at Bloodriven Village.

    STAB misericord - This will kill the first enemy in the Bank of Bloodriven.

    The misericord cannot be lightened.
    Looking for: Wearable wisdom enhancives (+5 and up)

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    I am assuming one can die and lose spells doing this? Want to try it tonight but game planning if I should do it before or after an arena run
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