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    How does the warrior assess verb work? I have been trying to assess some of my weapons and the only information I am getting is

    Careful examination indicates the midnight black limb-cleaver has a base strength of 85 and a base durability of 200. You also determine the current integrity of the midnight black limb-cleaver to be at 100.0%.

    Do you need to be a certain level of training, is it based on certain skills, or stats? Do you have to learn something in the guild?

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    You need training in the weapon you are trying to assess. Probably around 60 or so ranks you'll start getting assess information. Maybe it's 100? Something like that.

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    You can in theory get reads at 25 ranks, 40 or so is the minimum I bother though, you can NEVER see an incorrect value, you can however see nothing or that its weighted/padded with no quantity givn. it becomes mostly reliable and 1 or 2 tries at 50 ranks, oddly temporary padding or weighting seem harder to assess then permanent. Haven't assessed enough items with both critical and damage to know how that influences difficulty.
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    Thanks I only have like 34 ranks currently thought I was doing something wrong

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