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    Here's a spoiler for you guys:

    analyze my monocle
    You analyze your silver monocle and sense that the creator has provided the following information:
    A sterling silver monocle is a religious item that is designed to allow the wearer to gaze at another person and discern the pantheon of that person's deity.
    This ability can be blocked by unpresence. If not done while hidden or invisible, then the person that is gazed at will see a reflection of their deities symbol in the monocle's lens.


    Additional USAGE: Exhale, Remove, Rub, Touch, Turn, and Wear

    Turning the monocle allows it to be toggled to become hidden in your inventory and show up in your unique feature line. If it is not toggled, then it will show normally in the inventory line.
    Currently, the monocle is toggled to be hidden and will give a unique feature line of: She has a sterling silver monocle fitted over her right eye.
    This monocle may be altered freely provided it stays with the noun of monocle, has a lens and metal frame.


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    Hey there, gang.

    There's been some speculation in Discord and so I thought I'd post some stuff....

    This is the 1st person messaging if the person using it has 20 ranks of religion lore or more:

    1st Person - You gaze through your silver monocle at Thandiwe, your eyes roving over every inch of her natural aura. As the crystalline lens falls upon the space above her left shoulder, you notice a thin skin of stone solidify and dampen the light as it travels over her head from left shoulder to right.

    2nd Person - NotThandiwe gazes through the crystalline lens of her monocle, her eyes roving over every inch of you. Her gaze falls upon your left shoulder, and you notice a thin skin of stone reflected in their depths.

    3rd Person does not see anything to do with the deity.

    If you have less than 20 ranks, then it gives Pantheon information only. In essence, the monocle can read your religous-based aura. Demeanor will not block a gaze. However, unpresence will.

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    Find me in game as Alastir
    Or on Discord as: Alastir#9661

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