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Thread: paladin obh and shield

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    Default paladin obh and shield

    Found what I needed!

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    Found a nice ohb, but still in the market for a shield. Thanks!

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    >tap shie
    You tap a bronze-rimmed vultite tower shield in a bronze paneled eisenruck with a black gear-embossed lid.
    s>read shie
    A greenish parchment label marred with various stains affixed to the back of the vultite tower shield reads, "7x, 2 slot fusion, +9 OHE, +9shield, T2 Ensorcell."
    s>l at shie
    Himuro just arrived.
    Two spherical depressions adorn the vultite tower shield, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. The chambers currently hold a shield-marked hoarfrost white orb, and a sword-marked hoarfrost white orb.

    The chamber surrounding a shield-marked hoarfrost white orb is alive with steady radiance.
    You also notice a small enchanter's glyph. A strange necrotic haze radiates from the shield.
    There appears to be something written on it.

    whats your offer?

    i also have a blunt bonus orb to swap out the ohe orb on one of my characters somewhere too.... think its +6 or +8 bonus
    Characters: (Mains)Aar, Bovine, and Dreadsin
    (Alts)Jarkai, Losus, Mischaub, and Aiceman

    Want to buy:a Player Shop (WL/Sol/IMT)
    My Flat Priced Auction:

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    I'm honestly not sure where to start with an offer here. perhaps it could be posted it in the appraisals section to get an idea of worth?

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    after some thought I think I will hold out for a T5 ensorcell, and will update this post to reflect that.

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