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Thread: Hunting at 65?

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    I'm seeking some hunting areas for ~level 65. I can bolt as well as shatter.


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    I think I was finishing up in the Black Forest (ogres, boars, vipers) in Illistim at that level. Rode it out until I could start to hunt Maaghara Tower.

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    Go pro. Fire mages.

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    Fire mages are a blast!

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    Also recommend fire mages (and sprites/tsarks) for an empath. With high PF training, and good CS, you will crush them with ease and make a ton of cash at the same time. Plus, always nice to see another empath around Teras! Tsark skins sell well too I think.

    Just keep in mind that the fire sprites like to dispel, so find a way to prevent that.

    The only downside are the Soul Golem bounties. You won't be able to hurt them with spells. I don't think they can be hit with 1106, but maybe? They're generally immune to magic.
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    It's all about the Yeti.

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