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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyrom
    As I mentioned before, HESS will have a staggered opening by a full day of the event (June 16th at roughly 9pm ET). We're also retiring Undead Bane, Weight Reduction, Hidden Bracers, and Troll Hearts. But we're adding a lot more this time around.

    We're adding the following items:

    * Blink certificates. (5 total)
    * Enchants and Partial Enchants.
    * Wandering Tattoos.
    * Resistance. (limited to how many can go on a single item)
    * Enhancive skill boosts certificate. (limited to how many can go on a single item)
    * 6 month enhancive charges. (no spell knowledge)
    * Low steel weapons and shield. (premade, 1 of each total)
    * High steel weapons and armor. (premade, 1 of each total)
    * Vial flares (health, mana, and stamina).
    * Censer. (Grand Auction of 5116, 2 total. Back by request)
    * Tier 3 Briar Flares certificate.
    * ...and a few new things should they roll out of QC in time.

    We have the low/high steel equipment already made, but if there is a POPULAR choice we can switch it up before Thursday. We're only doing 2 weapons total for each low and high. One shield for low and one armor for high. Keep in mind, they have a level requirement of 100, so only suggest something if you are going to be looking to buy it. They will come with a hefty price tag of 200,000 bloodscrip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyrom
    >>Can you clarify the limitations on this? Is this adding a new enhancive to a pre-existing item? Is it boosting an already enhancive item? Etc.

    It's boosting an enhancive already there.

    >>Secondly, blink weapon certs. I would like that more than my greater fire flares. If purchased, can you replace existing scripts like this?

    Yeah, but it would strip the flares AND greater elemental.

    Wyrom, PM

    >>Copy that. What would be the limitations on the pre-existing enhancives then?

    Max bonus. Ranks vs bonus as well. I'm not sure we'll be doing ranks. Only bonus. And we'll not be converting to bonus.

    >>1. Base Cost = Base cost of previous run before items sold

    This, and only the previous run (February 2018), not some year before that.

    Wyrom, PM

    >>Can this be stacked on top of items that already have a 6 month or 12 month enhancive charge now?

    No stacking.

    >>Are there weapon type restrictions for Blink?

    No UAC, bows, or scripted weapons (like returners).

    >>Can you elaborate? Is there a limit to the number of resistances present on a given item? Is there a cap to the total % of resistance for a given resistance? And finally, is there a limit to the total % of resistances for the item as a whole?

    Yes to all. You can only buy up to 2 certificates for a single item. There is a cap to a single resistance. No splitting the resistance between different types. The numbers will be clear on the certificate.

    >>Last minute services.

    Unfortunately no to this. But we can put it on a wish list for next time.

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    As of right now, no blunt weapons. I went with the most popular weapons in game determined by uses per week.

    But you can change my mind with enough responses.

    Wyrom, PM

    <buy up to 2 certificates for a single item>

    Was the 2 certs per item for all HESS certs this run or was that only applicable to the resistance certs that you were replying to?
    Right now it's only applicable to resistance and enhancives. I'll update if anything changes.

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    Or on Discord as: Alastir#9661

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