An heraldic standard can inspire the members of the user's group once per day, When waved, it provides them with a 1-hour period of +5 general attack strength and increased mana and stamina recovery during which one to three points of each are restored per minute (determined by the Influence and Aura of the user). This effect doesn't stack and will not be refreshed or changed by the effect of a second standard.

The standard can also rally fallen group members once per day. When raised, it gives them a chance (based on the Influence and Aura of the user) to stand if prone, sitting or kneeling, even if they are incapacitated. The user is excluded from this benefit.

The standard is blank when first obtained. The user must apply an emblem to it before it can used. This is done by waving it at something (besides people). This can be done only once, but it can be altered by a merchant.

When the mana/stamina recovery effect is invoked, the user will automatically make an exclamation. If there is no custom exclamation, the default will be used, which is:

"In the name of the [EMBLEM] and to the everlasting glory of all ye followers!"

This feature can be muted, and the exclamation can be changed by an alterer.

A standard can be furled or unfurled. It cannot be activated when furled.

Finally, a standard can be attached to a polearm or a back-worn container, but it only activates its features when it is unattached and in-hand.

PULL: Removes the standard when it is attached to an item.
PUT ON: Attaches the standard to a polearm or back-worn container.
RAISE: Activates the rally effect.
ROLL: Furls/unfurls the standard.
RUB: Fluff: “You run a hand over the standard in a quick inspection.”
SALUTE: Fluff: "You hold the standard high and honor it with a salute."
TURN: Toggles muting of the exclamation when the morale effects are activated.
WAVE: Activates the morale effects, and it has a one-time use of applying an emblem to the standard.

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GM Modrian