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Thread: Trivia Contest Friday July 27th 10:30pm EST for 25 and under trainings

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  1. Default Trivia Contest Friday July 27th 10:30pm EST for 25 and under trainings

    Thank you to all who helped and all those who attended.

    Lleuo 24 answers (1 million silvers)
    Kazsra 21 answers (1 million silvers)
    Mnoeme 14 answers (1 million silvers)
    Sulphia 12 answers (1 million silvers)
    Katiyana 10 answers (1 million silvers)

    Plus coin share of 5 million to all contestants.

    Dethnyain Carniverous

    Greetings all,

    I do a monthly giveaway every so often in lands. This month we are doing it a little bit different.

    The houses I belong to, The Prestigious House of Argent Aspis, and The Prestigious House of Daingneach Onoir
    will be Co-hosting a Trivia Contest for those level 1 - 30 ONLY. Friday, July 27th, 2018, 10:30pm EST, Den of Dragon

    We will have you escorted into the Den of Dragon at 10:15pm EST from the front gate.
    For those who get there later than 10:15pm, go to doorkeeper (room 378) then Go gate, go path, go trail, east, go walkway

    This will be a 90 minute event. I don't want to go past that. Then we will award the major prizes.
    Additionally, afterwards, everyone attending will receive prepared prize bags and there will be a *****5 MILLION*****coin share for all contestants.

    I will be the Trivia Master. All my decisions are final.

    You need to be present to answer questions and accept prizes. Only those level 1 - 30 will be able to participate in this trivia contest.
    Levels will be checked when you win a prize. If you are over level 30, the next person with the most questions answered correctly will receive the prize instead of you.
    This event is to meant to teach people about the lands they are starting out in, and be able to win some pretty nice prizes.

    Major prizes will be awarded at the end of the contest to the top 5 players.
    There will be 5 Major Prizes of Silvers.
    Everyone will win something for just attending the event.

    1st prize 1,000,000 silvers
    2nd prize 1,000,000 silvers
    3rd prize 1,000,000 silvers
    4th prize 1,000,000 silvers
    5th prize 1,000,000 silvers


    Major Coin Share *****5 MILLION*****among all contestants at the end of contest.

    Here is a hint! All questions and answers will come from Gemstone Wiki. There will be no trick questions. The questions are not just about the Landing.

    We would like to thank the following for the donation of prizes for this event: The House of Argent Aspis and The House of Daingneach Onoir.

    Thank you,

    Dethnyain Carniverous
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