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Thread: Weapon Bases ?

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    I think before it is possible to comment, we would need to know your hunting style, I assume from your weapon choices you are a S&H ambush hunter, otherwise it does not make a lot of sense to use those two weapons.
    I have a feeling I'm going to get berated for this, but at the moment I'm a stand out in the open and swing two weapon user. I originally wanted to ambush, but as a young TWC Ranger TPs are pretty tight and I didn't want to give up my spells, nor my survival and first aid abilities, and I rely on my CMANs and Dodge heavily, so overall I'm not doing ambushing (at least for now).

    But I've been fine in my 30's so far, I usually use Spikethorn or Tangleweed to stun and knock down and then attack repeatedly while they are stunned. I chose fast weapons because I liked the 4 sec RT on attacks, especially when both weapons flare, and I chose the gauche for the +10DS which helps defensively out in the open. But I'm definitely noticing my damage potential isn't great, especially vs armor, and I'm wondering maybe if I'm going to continue my attack from the open build maybe I should upgrade to items that hit harder and stop trying to be fast.

    Feel free to critique, this is something I've thought about ever since switching to TWC at 20 and have fretted more than once about not being an ambush build, but so far it's been working well. But definitely trying to figure out the best edged weapon type to upgrade to for the future.
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    You're doing the best you can with a TP intensive weapon style on a TP strapped profession. The ideal way to go about it would be to ambush from hiding, making those small blades actually pierce through whatever defenses your opponents can put up, but rangers aren't able to pull something like that off with TWC until farther down the road when some core skills are covered up and their stats have grown a bit.

    If you want to continue doing what you're doing and increase the damage of your weapons, you're going to want to take a look at the RT formulas and figure out the heaviest weapons you can swing at lower RT according to your agility and dexterity bonuses. I'm not sure if this hunting style will hold out until cap, but it will definitely hold up until around 50 when critters start using more dangerous maneuvers and spells. By then you'll have more TPs to work with and might be able to swing what people are suggesting. Honestly, as long as you're not planning to warcamp solo and you're willing to move to where the easy hunting grounds are, you should be fine hunting this way to cap.

    If you want to switch it up and ambush from hiding, then you might want to look into the trusty sword and board routine, or maybe even UAC ambushing (which consists of brawling with no shield). Ranged is also an attractive option, but it seems like you're pretty set on being a melee ranger.
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    I was a sword and board ambusher until probably mid to late 40's then made the switch to TWC. I have a friend with a ranger that is a good stalk and hide ambusher, but she is sword and board and normally hunts with her partner, so a lot less dangerous and she is early 40's. The reality is that a solo TWC ambusher is going to die more, especially when they are younger. Rangers are fortunate because you have spells to help while staying in the open, so I think your build is certainly viable for now until you can get the skills you need to ambush. If it were me, I would likely look at upgrading my main hand to an axe and with the slight RT addition, 4 to 5 seconds is not so bad and the axe hits a ton harder. At least you could try it and see how it goes, a generic 4X axe only runs 50K or so maybe even less if you catch one at the pawnshop, in fact I will see if I have one in a locker somewhere and if so you are welcome to it.

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    I thnk most of us forget GS combat rules have a basis not in early GS but in a pen and paper game, I would imagine back in the early 80s it was much much harder to discern all the math on what each sort of weapon did and how efficiently. I know when I played ICE games on paper I didn't investigate what the numbers meant nearly as much as i did after games went on-line. It is much easier to see effects then it was when you were rolling dice and a GM was telling you oops you fumbled and threw your axe backwards at the party cleric's head.
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    I appreciate the comments and suggestions! Duskruin has actually been great for me to experiment with different weapon types, between all the item drops in the sewers and being able to test combat out vs different armor types in the various bank heist branches and arena. So far I'm swinging a handaxe and a scimitar with 5sec RT (vs the 4sec RT short sword + gauche) and I do hit a LOT harder, which kills things a lot faster. While I still like the idea of being 1sec faster and +10DS tougher, so far the damage tradeoffs have been totally worth it. I can imagine if I added crit weighting it would be even meaner. I'm trying to find a falchion to try out in addition to the handaxe to see how it compares to the scimitar, or even two handaxes, but yeah for standing in the open doing twice as much damage is nice. (Which ties this all back into the weapons mechanical conversation the OP started).

    I will say that while I wish I had enough TPs to do EVERYTHING, the Ranger spell circle certainly does make it easier to fight in the open. I generally have my army of tangleweed and insect swarms to knock things down and keep them down, spikethorn to take out legs, and my animal companion occasionally doing useful things once in a while too (I love my companion to death but he's a better at being hungry than fighting). Mobility helps a lot with dodging too. So so far so good. But yeah, a little nervous looking ahead as creatures get tougher higher up in life but one batch of levels at a time and so far I'm enjoying having two swords over my earlier sword and shield build!

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