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Thread: Spell[###].evoke ?? .channel??

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    Default Spell[###].evoke ?? .channel??

    Would it be possible to add a .evoke and .channel option to Lich so you could use these extensions to cast spells in the same manner as .cast works? Right now we can set up all sorts of invoke defaults, but the Spell[].cast function will re-cast the spell if it fails for any various reason, and that functionality is highly desired for many spells (especially evoked).

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    but dont you default each spell

    Or are you wanting the option to evoke or channel each spell??

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    I want the option to use .evoke or .channel in my scripts, so I can avoid the problems with Invoke. Invoke in scripts does not re-cast on failure or check mana, or anything that Spell[].cast does. Also, as a wizard, there are a lot of evoke options that I don't want to default. I.E. 909. I want to invoke 909 to cast it normally, but evoke it to buff myself. 902 needs to be evoked AT something, which fails a lot due to armor hindrance in my day-to-day hunting.
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    Its definitely doable but I have no will to take on the project. If you have some spells you always want to evoke or channel I can point you in the right direction. You can always just multifput prep xxx evoke xxx too
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    Also what you are asking for would be coded into lich.rb so maybe send a feature request to Tillmen
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