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Thread: Assorted magic/enhancive items

  1. Default Assorted magic/enhancive items

    MB: 50k

    7. You gesture at a turquoise-set pewter brooch.
    Non-crumbly, Celerity, rechargeable (not MR)


    1. a twisted silver pendant CB: 250k Derex SOLD
    40 charges of 130- crumbly

    2. a glyph-etched pink topaz pin CB: 2.25m top shottah Delivered
    Non-crumbly, Blank MR
    It provides a boost of 5 to Brawling Bonus- 15 trains
    It provides a boost of 3 to Blunt Weapons Bonus- 6 trains

    3. a lapis lazuli studded ora band CB: 1m lexbubba Delivered
    Crumbly on enhancive, blank
    It provides a boost of 10 to Max Stamina-55 trains.
    It provides a boost of 2 to Arcane Symbols Bonus- 4 trains.

    4. a fine imflass torc CB: 50k derp Delivered
    Non-crumbly, MR
    It provides a boost of 2 to Strength- 4 trains

    5. a bloodjewel inset ora band CB: 500k lexbubba Delivered
    It provides a boost of 2 to Two-Handed Weapons Ranks- 10 trains

    6. a step-cut peridot band CB: 50k somethief2 Delivered
    Non-crumbly, casts 310 MR
    It provides a boost of 4 to First Aid Bonus- 7 trains.
    It provides a boost of 3 to Arcane Symbols Bonus- 8 trains.
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    3. 1m
    5. 500k

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    2. 100k

  4. Default

    50k on 6

  5. Default

    update bump

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    150k #2

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    500k on 2
    The enhancive king of chicago

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    i'll go for 100K on #1

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    2. 600k
    Lydrift [Merchant]: "Its gonna kill me to climb it."
    Laughter erupts from a nearby table.
    * Lydrift just bit the dust!

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    200k on #1

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