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    Iím approaching 40 trains, and I gather that the suggested approach to Duskruin Arena success for sorcs is 717, which is too mana-intensive for me. Iím wondering if my usual approach of 702ing things to death will be enough to succeed in the arena or whether I should consider using my fixskills to go something crazy to help me farm BS.

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    702 will be slow but should be decent against all but the champs.

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    I'm going to re-write this guide...

    1. Be in COL
    2. Get +AUR and +WIS enhancives. Prioritize AUR for the added Spirit.
    (Recommend using fusion full leathers with AUR / WIS bonus orbs, and make your ADV badge WIS or AUR bonus)
    3. Buy fully charged quartz orbs (they're like 35-40k each)
    4. If you can find a paladin friend that can be warded, you can steal 1612 from them with 208 scrolls and give yourself 4hrs of +12 CS. This will take a while and 208 scrolls are hard to infuse - don't rely on it.
    5. Once you are fully setup with enhancives for CS, you can go nuts on Sorcerer Spell ranks - drop spell aiming entirely.
    6. Make sure you are at least 1x in necromancy lore. Screw demon lore for the arena.

    Hunting rotation:
    717, 711 or 705 if they don't die. Don't cast it twice at your level.

    On the 6th target, use sacrifice. 711x2, 706, sacrifice target. This will allow you to re-use sacrifice more frequently.
    You need 11+ spirit from the AUR enhancives, then you can use Sign of Wracking 2x.

    If you are not COL, and you are VOLN - buy a shit ton of deeds, and spam Symbol of Mana. Way more expensive than CoL, but you can recoup the cost.

    702 kill will take you a lot longer. Not only do you have to cast it more than 3x commonly (which is how many times you need to 711 something), but the target will have to be removed. With 717, you can get instant kills, and your next opponent will show up immediately.

    More CS boosting tips:
    Dual-wield runestaves. Put an acuity runestaff in your right hand, and an enhancive runestaff in the left. You can use a shield too for the left hand, but you won't get any DS unless you actually trained in shield use.

    If you dual-wield, put 106 up at the start of the match to avoid having DS issues.
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    If you don't want to drop spell aiming, then replace 717 with 720 and get spell aim enhancives. I found it was easier to boost my CS for 717 because it then made all my supplemental spells more reliable as well (711 mainly).

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