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Thread: Fallout 76

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    Stump, you might have already answered this, but how much did you estimate the canvas bags to cost?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Taernath View Post
    Stump, you might have already answered this, but how much did you estimate the canvas bags to cost?
    Oh, I hadn't, but probably 4-6 bucks each. It all really varies. Canvas can be made of all sorts of materials I think, and it depends how desperate a factory you find. Double, maybe triple the price of the nylon at any rate. Most of the numbers I threw out there were my most medium guesses. Stuff fluctuates a lot depending on where the factory is and what scrap materials are available to be sourced. There's a ton of leftovers for making stuff like this that doesn't have to be FDA approved or sterile or whatnot for science or food purposes that factories utilize.

    Edit to add:

    My estimate was way off. Once you start adding straps and crap to it, like theirs has, the price of canvas goes crazy. Take these prices as about 1/3 lower after negotiations, but here are a few examples of what Canvas bags cost:

    Compare that to the much lower "basic" canvas bag, which is probably what they based their initial cost estimates on:

    Theirs is probably somewhere in between those in complexity. Probably around $10-13 is where they'd land after negotiations.
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    As an aside, if there's anyone thinking that maybe they were getting all this from the's an example of a price on some tiny machined piece from the good old US of A. For reference, I ended up paying $23 per piece for this in China.

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