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Thread: set of fresh scrolls, ready for infusing

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    Default set of fresh scrolls, ready for infusing

    set comes with:
    - 4 fresh prayer scrolls
    - 2 fresh strength of will scrolls
    - 4 fresh spell shield
    - 1 fresh Vigor

    500k for the set.

    Also have 5 fresh meg. aura scrolls, 250k for that set.

    Also have 1 fresh soul ward scroll, 250k for that one
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    I might not want to buy your item if you don't use lich to arrange delivery, unless we make special arrangements. PM me if I bid on your item and you don't use lich to see if we are going to have issues with delivery because I don't want to use ICQ, AOL instant messager, smoke signals, etc. to get in touch.

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