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Thread: Adjusting lich for the test server

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    Default Adjusting lich for the test server

    When I try to log onto the test server with lich active, there are constant attempts to download from a map-db that doesn't exist. I think in the past I was able to copy a new set of maps into a folder with the Test server name, but this doesn't seem to be an option anymore. Does anyone know of a way to make it work without messing with the lich script, or am I just going to have to change some "false"s to "true"s and deal with the consequences as they come?

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    Copy your newest map .dat file from your LICH/data/GSIV folder to your LICH/data/GST folder. Done.
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    Fuck. I did this to a folder named GSTEST, not GST. Thanks!

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