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Thread: falchion and armband

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    Default falchion and armband

    I can deliver to River's Rest, Mist Harbor, or the greater Landing area. Winners should be responsive to non-Lich attempts to communicate with them in game (amunet, Whispering Willow, etc). Updated daily.

    1. a perfect walnut-hilted invar falchion MB: 750k CB:750k malmuddy SOLD

    natural properties of invar, player forged weapon. The hilt can be removed from the description at the winner's request (this cannot be reversed once done).

    2. a copper and blue dreamstone armband- MB: 50k CB: 300k adverbious SOLD
    The armband resonates with your voice, indicating that it enhances its owner in the following ways:
    It provides a boost of 3 to Agility Bonus.
    This enhancement may not be used by adventurers who have not trained 22 times.
    It provides a boost of 2 to Sorcerous Lore - Demonology Bonus.
    This enhancement may not be used by adventurers who have not trained 5 times.
    The armband looks to have more than your average giantman could count charges remaining.

    You sense that the blue dreamstone armband will crumble into dust after its last enhancive charge has been expended.
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    MB on 2

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    MB on both please

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    Khorpulent beat me by seconds. So 75K on #2

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    Is the armband worn on the wrist or (more likely) attached to your arms?

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    >insp arm
    You carefully inspect your blue dreamstone armband.

    You determine that you could wear the armband around your wrist. The armband appears to serve some purpose.

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    I'll go 150k on #2

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    175k on #2 please =)
    You slap Walkar's cheek, hard.
    He continues, "I've decided that I'm not going to let you serve community service, so don't get your hopes up. To this aim, you may either pay the fine of 50000000 silvers plus any other outstanding debts you may owe, or serve a total of 120 minutes of incarceration. You may ANSWER me either FINE or INCARCERATION as your choice. But I digress. Choose quickly, now, lest I hold you in contempt of court for wasting my time."

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    250K #2

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