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Thread: Nervestaff vs. Parasitic runestaff.

  1. Default Nervestaff vs. Parasitic runestaff.

    I have a 6x/6x tier 4 nervestaff with T5 ensorcelling. Itís very strong, and I like it. I also have a T0 parasitic runestaff that Iím considering investing in upgrading to T3 at the next DR event.

    Iím hoping someone who has experience with the T3 parasitic runestaff can share their perspective on how strong they are for warders like sorcs.

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    Nervestaff is better. Flares are not as good for sorcerers. Our damage is usually directly proportional to the warding margin, so having 6x acuity is > slash flares from a parasite weapon. Now, if you were a rapid fire wizard, the slash flares might be more powerful.

    Additionally, the T4 nervestaff flares are stronger for defending yourself as well.

    The only argument that could be made for the parasite staff is if you exclusively hunted Nelemar, and didn't want the electric flares to shock you while in a watery room.

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    Thanks for the reply. It makes me a little sad, but I’ll keep my current staff.

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