We're hosting a tattoo design contest! Three winners will be selected and will receive a special prize from our prize closet. The first place design will be selected as the "official" White Haven tattoo. The tattoo will be kept on file by GM Elidi, the CHE guru, and will be available to all White Haven members during select merchants (Elidi often offers this service during her merchant events).

We recommend that you use Icemule and the nature of the House as your design inspiration. Please follow the ALTER rules, and remember that QC has the final word on all submissions. Therefore, the winning design may be subject to changes. You may choose either a 15/15/15 alter with a show, or a long description for your designs.

This contest is for members of House White Haven only, and will be judged by its Officers. This excludes Officers of White Haven from entering.

All submissions are due by June 15, 2018. Members may submit no more than two (2) entries.

Click here to submit your design: https://www.cognitoforms.com/WhiteHa...nDesignATattoo