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Thread: multiple opponent combat bonus or ranks jewelry

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    Default multiple opponent combat bonus or ranks jewelry

    Need some good ones, like +4 or +5 per piece. Don't care if its crumbly, also don't care what else is on 'em (like if they are dirtied up with a bunch of swimming ranks or something, thats fine)

    Offering coins of course, but I am sitting on some good strength jewelry enhancives (like multiple items (with +5 through +8 strength each) that I would do in trade if you want to discuss trades, let me know.
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    I might not want to buy your item if you don't use lich to arrange delivery, unless we make special arrangements. PM me if I bid on your item and you don't use lich to see if we are going to have issues with delivery because I don't want to use ICQ, AOL instant messager, smoke signals, etc. to get in touch.

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