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Thread: enhancive set: +20 max mana, +10 harness power bonus, +4 dex, +4 EMC bonus...

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    Default enhancive set: +20 max mana, +10 harness power bonus, +4 dex, +4 EMC bonus...

    This set would give you +30 mana ... level requirement is only level 21. Get ready for duskruin arena. Clean items so cheap to recharge (I mean the only bonus on the entire set that you might not have a use for is ambush, and its bonus, not ranks so wont add much to recharge cost)

    5m for the set. Delivery to landing/icemule/solhaven

    Sterling silver medallion, +4 dex, +5 max mana, crumbly
    smoky topaz neckchain, +4 to harness power bonus, +6 to max mana, +4 to ambush bonus, enhancive crumbles
    studded gold necklace, +6 to harness power bonus, enhancive crumbles
    Dragonfire opal bracelet, +5 max mana, crumbly
    Blue sapphire brooch, +4 elemental mana control bonus, +4 max mana, crumbly

    BONUS - Ill throw in these two items, too, so thats another +6 harness power (6 more mana, more runestaff defense...)
    -studded gold band, +2 to MIU bonus, +2 to harness power bonus, lot of charges, enhancive crumbles
    -Pink sapphire bracer, +3 picking locks bonus, +4 harness power bonus, crumbly
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    Bidding 5 Mill here if your still looking to sell it at that price.

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