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Thread: legedary bloodrune Vesperti

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    Default legedary bloodrune Vesperti

    65m mb 65m crux er SOLD

    Through a sinister black haze, Cruxophim's features appear transformed into those of a vesperti. Willowy thin and tall, his lithe form is covered in coarse black fur. Intense grey eyes stare out from beneath a mane of tousled hair, while the fine features of his face resemble an elven ancestry. A veined membrane of skin extends from his ankles up to his wrists, their edges scalloped like those of a bat's wings. Tapered digits bearing glossy black claws cap the wings at taloned feet and hands."

    Willing to listen to cash offers as well.
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    I modeled!! Hah.
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    SEND[Kenstrom] Behold Dark Cruxophim, Blood Reaver and Weaver of Shadows, eater of Rooks, corruptor of orphans, flayer of flesh...but won't read a letter from some dying woman's diary, haha.
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    I want a dark vysan one

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    Glad they replaced this for you, congrats on the win.
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    thank you, I am very thankful as well!

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    Nice find and well designed

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    Gawww - I thought this was a nedum vereri when i first read the announcement. Still, nice find!

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    They might as well have called this the Cruxophim bloodrune.

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    going twice. get your bids in.

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    This was found in the sewers?
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