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Thread: Spell training advice now that 1650 is out

  1. Default Spell training advice now that 1650 is out

    Hi all,

    Just curious if now that paladins have access to 1650 the advice is to train right up to 1650 before proceeding to 120? I have another char that can provide 101, 103, 104, 105 and 107 so it'd just be 120 that I'd miss.

    Also I'm curious if there is a common list of spells you can infuse into your weapon using 1625? If you put a bunch of points into summoning lore could you infuse several charges of 1618? 117? Is basically anything available as long as the you have the training to allow the mana into the weapon?

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    You're likely going to want 120 long before 1650.

    Personally, I didn't go over 120, but I got it before 1640.

    As far as infusing, I *rarely* use that ability honestly. You can only infuse: 1602, 1614, 1615, 110, and 118 I believe (scrolls not withstanding). Personally I don't typically find it that useful. But at lower levels I did find it useful to put 1615 in as I constantly had mana issues.

    Hope that helps.

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