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Thread: conditional attacking based on current encumbrance

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    Default conditional attacking based on current encumbrance

    I hunt manually, basically, pressing a macro for stanc o/r attack/r.

    Occasionally due to forgetting about coins or whatnot I will end up in 40 seconds of round time. What I would like to do, if possible, is have lich check my encumbrance every time and make my attack conditional on one of the lesser encumbrance messages is returned (I would choose a list of the "all clear" encumbrance messages based on the round time that is acceptable).

    Can someone point me in the right direction on how to set this up?
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    Uh ... well, it gets complicated real fast depending on what you wanna do, but I guess what you're looking for is something like

    ;e if percentencumbrance < 25 then fput "target random";multifput("stance offensive","kill");fput "stance defensive";end

    Or you can make it a script like ;kill (type your target here) and take out the target random part and have it say

    if percentencumbrance < 25 then multifput("stance offensive","kill #{script.vars1} #{script.vars2}");fput "stance defensive";end
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