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Thread: 1 silver MB space clearing auction

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    mb w3, 55k r4

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    500k rat

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    20k a5

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    a5 40K
    r2 400K
    r4 85K

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    r2 500k
    GSIV Prime: Yhtrin Faelrlyn Faendryl, Cleric of Luukos
    Maltreis Eilindel Faendryl, Necromancer

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    R3 1k

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    I'll BO a2. You have to come up with a design for me, though.
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    a4 - mb

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    w3 100
    a4 100

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    w3 - a slender black-bladed longsword

    The metal of the sword seems to have been forged from night itself, the material so black it doesn't reflect even the faintest of light. The longsword's blade is slender and holds a razor-sharp edge, its bleached krolvin bone hilt wrapped in a dark red leather grip.

    +20, Krolvin Bane

    i'll go 500 for the buyout

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