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Thread: 1 silver MB space clearing auction

  1. Default 1 silver MB space clearing auction

    This is my 1 silver auction. EVERYTHING starts at 1 silver and lots have a low BO. Clearly, there is nothing high end here, but you might find some bargains on some decent things including some project pieces that (in the right hands) could be something someday.

    I don't keep temp or crumbly stuff normally so I also won't be selling any of that. It's all perm and persists. Stuff will go once twice and sold unless bought out. I'll try to update at least once a day, sometimes I may go more.


    w1 - a macabre black ore-veined long bow

    Veins of rich, black ore permeate the natural grain of the wood and compliment the dyes that blacken the piece, while a lustrous polish creates a smooth finish. Twin unclothed angels flank each end of the bow and serve as the nocks, their detailed wings carved into a finely sculpted bone riser. Wraith-like images of lost souls are etched in a twisted parody of their former glory, their faces frozen in agony. A single hand extends above the grip and serves as the weapon's arrow shelf. You also notice a small enchanter's glyph. A strange necrotic haze radiates from the bow.

    +25, T1 ensorcel

    MB: 1 silver BO: 1.5m CB: Sold on BO to Taar and Delivered

    w2 - an enruned drakar-tipped spear

    4x Shock weapon:

    MB 1 silver BO 500k CB: 250k Zao SOLD and delivered

    w3 - a slender black-bladed longsword

    The metal of the sword seems to have been forged from night itself, the material so black it doesn't reflect even the faintest of light. The longsword's blade is slender and holds a razor-sharp edge, its bleached krolvin bone hilt wrapped in a dark red leather grip.

    +20, Krolvin Bane

    MB 1 silver BO 500k CB: Sold on BO to Char and delivered


    a1 - some billowing glowbark-clasped robes with small strands of delicate eonake wire intricately woven into the fabric

    +25 robe armor, 8 lbs

    MB 1 silver BO 300k CB: Sold on BO to Zao and Delivered

    a2 - some vaalorn augmented chain

    +18, 5 CER damage padding (50 total services), 23 lbs

    MB 1 silver BO 500k CB: Sold on Buyout to Littlprincess

    a3 - some dark indigo ora armor

    Crafted from heavy, tanned sea thrak hide of a mottled grey hue, the brigandine armor is overlaid with crescentic plates of dark indigo-hued ora traced with silver, the effect not unlike waves on a stormy ocean. Beneath the plates on the chest, a twisted, imflass eel, its eyes set with glossy onyx, encircles the waist, head to tail. You also notice a small enchanter's glyph.

    +20 brigandine, max light, +6 blunt bonus, +5 EL-air bonus

    MB 1 silver BO 500k CB: Sold to Losus on BO and Delivered

    a4 - some golden spiked double leather

    +20, moderate resistance to crush, infused with the power of an earth elemental

    MB 1 coin BO 200k CB: Sold on BO to Starwynd and Delivered

    a5 - some scorched full leather

    +20, +5 EL-fire RANKS

    MB 1 silver BO 200k CB: 40k Malmuddy SOLD


    r1 - an enruned drakar-shod runestaff

    4x Shock weapon:

    MB 1 silver BO 500k CB: 250k Zao SOLD and Delivered

    r2 - an acid-stained fireleaf runestaff

    6x (+27), +3 wisdom BONUS, +3 SL-religion bonus

    MB 1 silver BO 750k CB: Sold on BO to Malmuddy

    r3 - a large orase runestaff

    +20, +2 EL-fire Ranks, +3 spell aim Ranks, +2 Aura

    MB 1 silver BO 500k CB: 1k Amie SOLD and Delivered

    r4 - a dented orase runestaff

    6x (+30)

    MB 1 silver BO 500k CB: Sold on Buyout to Malmuddy


    e1 - a glittering silver alloy medallion, blank MR, +2 aura, +2 first aid ranks, all persists

    MB 1 silver BO 100k CB: Sold on BO to Leigo

    e2 - a delicate mithril alloy band, blank imbed, +3 thrown, +1 MOC, only need to be 6 to use, all persist

    MB 1 silver BO 350k CB: No Bidders, pulled.

    e3 - a bronze and aquamarine torc, +2 thrown, +1 max stamina, +2 survival, +3 shield use, all persists

    MB 1 silver BO 200k CB: 1 silver Sold to TheKak


    m1 - a coarse burlap sack

    The burlap sack is stuffed with a variety of shredded up paper and cloth, formed to make a crude smelly nest. Curled up inside the makeshift nest is a flea-ridden sewer rat.

    DR sewer rat. It does things.

    MB 1 silver BO 1m CB: 500k Fireorlime SOLD and delivered

    m2 - a fraying black canvas book-bag (with books as a set)

    belt worn, medium, can be lightened and deepened still, 6 lbs with the books in em, old items, should all be fresh. *These are at least 12 yrs old because I've had em since before I left for 10 yrs (I've been back 2). The spells aren't amazing but the books themselves aren't typical items these days. For collectors really.

    inside the bookbag:

    a leather-bound prayerbook with a white ora clasp
    On the leather-bound prayerbook you see
    (101) Spirit Warding I
    (102) Spirit Barrier
    (102) Spirit Barrier
    (107) Spirit Warding II

    a weathered trail guide embossed with a gold oak leaf
    On the trail guide you see
    (601) Natural Colors
    (602) Resist Elements
    (609) Sun Burst
    (611) Mass Colors

    a silver-spined book engraved with four elemental runes
    On the silver-spined book you see
    (503) Thurfel's Ward
    (506) Celerity
    (507) Elemental Deflection
    (508) Elemental Bias
    (509) Strength

    a scorched black tome embossed with silver runes
    On the black tome you see
    (401) Elemental Defense I
    (403) Lock Pick Enhancement
    (404) Disarm Enhancement
    (406) Elemental Defense II
    (414) Elemental Defense III

    a golden ora-spined quarto bound in supple calfskin
    On the ora-spined quarto you see
    (202) Spirit Shield
    (203) Manna
    (204) Unpresence
    (211) Bravery

    MB 1 silver BO 1m CB:Sold on BO to Orthin and delivered

    m3 - a polished leopardwood case inlaid with vaalin rosettes

    You analyze your leopardwood case and sense that it may be altered with either a long or show description. Based on the design, you realize that changing the noun would be acceptible. While the material it is made out of may be changed, you sense that it would need to be something that has buttons or toggles on it. It may/may not be worn (depending on how the item was made). Being unable to wear it is not an error.
    It is designed to hold average to large instruments only.

    not wearable, weighs 3lbs with the mandolin in it

    >open case
    With nimble fingers, you unfasten each of the buttons holding your leopardwood case closed, and draw the flap open.
    >look in case
    In the leopardwood case:
    Misc [1]: a polished leopardwood mandolin inlaid with vaalin rosettes
    >close my case
    You carefully pull the flap of your leopardwood case closed, and fasten each of its buttons securely.

    *This set was found in a box I blew up in OTF and as such is probably unique.

    MB 1 silver BO 1m CB: Sold on BO to Taar and Delivered
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    bo a3
    Arr Matey-Level 86 Fire Orb CS Wizard
    Phalcon-Level 47 Limb Distrupt Sorcerer
    Bovine-Level 12 Diablo2 Cow King Reimagined

    For Sale: 6x/10x acuity T4 nerve staff. T2 ensorcell. 250m/$1750 OBRO.
    Want to buy: level 50-65 Cleric MSG me with price and stats
    Want to buy: PERM HCP greathelm and leg greaves. Paying extra for ones that have spikes or flares too! MSG me

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    w1 - mb

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    r2 - an acid-stained fireleaf runestaff MB
    m1 - a coarse burlap sack MB
    GSIV Prime: Yhtrin Faelrlyn Faendryl, Cleric of Luukos

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    a2 10k
    m1 10k
    e1 BO

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    w1 10k

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    MB m2 and m3, please.

    200k - w1
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    m1 - 100k
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    Might want to have a bard sing to m3 to make sure it isn't a Masterwork instrument. If it is, its worth jumps up a few million easily.

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    a1 - 100K

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