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Thread: Looking for weed mage builds and archer builds

  1. Default Looking for weed mage builds and archer builds

    Considering Using fix skills on one of these

    My ranger is currently training 57

    If you could post your training plans I’d appreciate it


    Also what runestaffs are good ? Should I go for a nerv staff?

    Ranger is currently voln so leaning more toward weed mage
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    Sniping archer is something like:

    2x ranged
    2x hiding
    1x armor (to taste)
    1x dodge
    2x perception
    1x ambush (2x when TPs allow, they probably will at your level)
    1x physical fitness
    1x harness power
    1x spells (640 > 120 imo)

    The rest into lores, mana control, and tertiary skills.
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    If you stay with volt and hunt volny things then yes avoid ranged and stick with the hemp mage
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    Here are some rough weed-wizard builds in two different flavors of commitment. As a weedmage, you are dependent on Spike Thorn and to a much lesser extent, Nature's Fury. Physical combat skills are given up to specialize fully as a weedmage. I would not recommend this until around level 80, however people report being successful with it as early as level 60. The second build will offer adequate physical offense as a secondary combat option.

    Note that both builds include ranged weapons which I feel is worth the TP commitment so that you are sufficient enough, however, Ryku's build reduced ranged weapons to only 1 rank in ranged weapons to access DS benefits if my memory is correct. I've heard of a runestaff rangers or two out there as well. If a runestaffery druid build is what you want to do, drop the ranged weapon use, potentially reduce perception, and aim for a sufficient magic skills per level number. Riltus ran math once comparing ranged weapon defense to runestaff defense. Find that post and plug in your own numbers to see what might make sense as there's plenty of considerations in making those comparisons beyond magic ranks per level and ranged weapon ranks. I know you asked some more specific runestaff questions, but I'll leave that to those who actually have experience with this.

    Take each build with a touch of flexibility as we all walk our own walk as rangers. Regardless of what you choose build-wise, I hope you find the space to inject your own sense of your character into your ranger's training.

    1x+20 ranks of Ranger circle (this is the key; make decisions between more ranks here or in summoning lore)
    20 ranks in MnS circle
    1x-1 HP (could add more to mana return breakpoints or build a larger mana pool)
    1x ranged
    1x perception
    1x PF (at least 1.5x if in GoS)
    .5x Dodge
    8 or 30 ranks armor use (enough for brig; consider double leather for 0% hinderance)
    ?? Summoning Lore (consult the lore chart and find a good break point depending on your level)
    Tertiary skills: salt to taste

    Weedmage/Open Archer Special Blend
    1x+20 ranks of Ranger circle
    20 ranks in MnS circle
    1x-1 HP (not worth the TP for more in this build)
    2x ranged
    2x perception
    1x PF (at least 1.5x if in GoS)
    .75x Dodge (at least, likely can afford more)
    30 or 70 or 110 ranks armor use (brig or augmented chain or hauberk; consider overtraining benefit breakpoints as well)
    0 Summoning Lore (save for post-cap)
    Tertiary skills: salt to taste

    Consider your societal abilities and how they can increase your mana pool and thus, time in the field. An item you might find worth picking up is that 20x/daily Spike Thorn self-recharger that went out at DR. It would be an incredibly useful tool to augment your mana resources.
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    Thanks for suggestions and quick reaponses

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    If you're going to go weed mage in Voln, I wouldn't switch this early. From my experience, weed mages in the earlier levels (like pre-cap) run into mana issues unles they're either wracking generously or the mobs are getting oneshot with regular frequency. Unfortunately with voln you're not going to have access to wracking and a good portion of the undead you're going to run into will be invulnerable to crit-deaths.

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