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Thread: Dark Sigil-Etched Blade v3.0 - MCW Falchion

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    Cool Dark Sigil-Etched Blade v3.0 - MCW Falchion

    Dark Sigil-Etched Blade

    Falchion 6x - MCW (20 full pts + 10 crit / 30 damage services) - T5 ensorcell.

    Now with Greater Elemental Flares! (lightning).

    Cancelled - Got silvers elsewhere.
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    Eww.. that is not safe for nelemar, should of gone with fire man. Good addition to it otherwise.

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    It's GREAT for the Confluence.

    Lightning Elementals.

    And almost everywhere else.... Rift, Sanctum, OTF, Bandit Slaughterer. Yeah Nelemar… fun place!
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    Auction pulled. I needed silvers, now I do not.

    Private sale might still be possible. Look me up

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    Sick fucking weapon brah
    none of the colors ever light up any more

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    Is it the one that hisses when waved?

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    give it to me for fixing your monsterbold issue! :P
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    For Sale: 6x/10x acuity T4 nerve staff. T2 ensorcell. 250m/$1750 OBRO.
    Want to buy: level 50-65 Cleric MSG me with price and stats
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keep View Post
    Is it the one that hisses when waved?
    It used to hiss, now it has Greater Elemental Flares for it's slithering effects I think I'll alter it next to match.

    There's still 2 more old school, but all were long changed to Vultite from Shaalk.

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