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Thread: CMans for a Sniping Rogue

  1. Default CMans for a Sniping Rogue

    Any advice on Cmans for a sniping rogue. I am sure surge of strength will be advised. But being a giantman will I really need it

    Thanks in advance
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    Shadow mastery, vanish, disarm (def), asp for qstrike or pred eye (if you are missing)

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    Weapon Specialization on arrows for +2 AS a rank. Divert also comes in handy for splitting up groups and making your hunting safer.

    Just as a head's up, Predator's Eye won't help with aiming ranged attacks.
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    Dirtkick and dust shroud are also relevant

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    Weapon specialization I've found is best used as filler points and not something to be focused on and maxed out, the cost on returns for rank 4 and 5 in it just aren't worth it. Might want to look at evade mastery depending on the armor you wear and toughness and cunning defense are good defensive and utility skills in having more blood overall and better defense against maneuvers. I find those two things as well not being used as a main point but a side filler skill with excess cman points.

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    I am like 3 weeks late to the party, but i agree with Rolfard, smastery and vanish.. you are likely to be lacking in td and ds unless spelled to the hilt. With the percision you've got at aiming the bow your AS does not need to be your cman concern. This topic was before the fixskill but long term i think those are the best options for performance ( Rolfard i don't agree with you often relish it )


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