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Thread: This new coraesine thing is going REALLY well

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    I dont feel like working tomorrow can i be Macgyver for the day? That sounds fun I'll make it worth while and just spout out randomness all day.

    Never mind, that wouldn't make me Macgyver, that would make me more like Methais. I'll take that too if it means I don't have to go to do work.
    Incorrect. You'll still have to pretend you're doing work like I do when I'm at work.
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    I am a retard. I'm disabled. I'm poor. I'm black. I'm gay. I'm transgender. I'm a woman.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goat View Post
    Behold! I purvey to you many lulz:

    You bring the tips of the talons on one hand together, and a chain of green lightning erupts from their apex!

    The raw energy fades as it arcs toward its target, then magical energies ripple as the bolt strikes the Ithzir adept and vanishes!

    You feel a surge as magical energies are siphoned to you from an Ithzir adept's wards!
    You thrust with a coraesine korseke at an Ithzir adept!
    AS: +653 vs DS: +581 with AvD: +19 + d100 roll: +67 = +158
    ... and hit for 55 points of damage!
    Strike to abdomen punctures stomach!
    The Ithzir adept is stunned!

    ** Twisted by your attack, the Ithzir adept's warding energies realign themselves in a searing flash of lightning! **

    ... 10 points of damage!
    Heavy spark to right arm. Gonna hurt tomorrow.

    Suddenly, a whirling lash of air bursts forth from the blade and abruptly turns on you!
    ... 16 points of damage!
    Strong shot to your head messes up the brain fatally.

    <spells drop>

    It seems you have died, my friend. Although you cannot do anything, you are keenly aware of what is going on around you...

    You mentally give a sigh of relief as you remember that the Goddess Lorminstra owes you a favor.

    ...departing in 10 mins...
    Roundtime: 8 sec.
    The Dergoatean disk disintegrates, dropping everything on the ground.

    The translucent sphere fades from around an Ithzir adept.
    A moving silhouette quickly turns into an Ithzir champion!
    An Ithzir adept suddenly appears out of nowhere!
    Suddenly you have the strangest feeling that you are being watched.
    The feeling fades as quickly as it came.
    An Ithzir adept rifles through your gear! Somebody call a constable!

    The Ithzir adept removes a malachite-set ora stickpin from your corpse! Smiling excitedly, the adept wears the stickpin. At least he appears to like your fashion tastes!
    That's nothing. I don't have the logs handy but I was using an old style coraesine a few years back and I forgot to put on my inf / disc enhancives.
    This is the old style backlash where you actually attack yourself (not just the flare)
    The shot happen to hit my arms.
    I had Brace active.
    The brace disarm chance triggered, causing me to drop my old style coraesine weapon.
    Since this is a standard attack the weapon can trigger itself or its other properties again.
    The air flare proced on the self attack and it broke my neck.

    Probably the most terrifying couple of minutes of my GS life. After that I wrote a script that would nag the hell out of me if I had the weapon in my hand and my inf / disc wasn't at the 0% backlash threshold.
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    Looks like you need to borrow some void resistant armor until you train that thing (if thats the crit table "messes up brain fatally" is from).
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    your going to die a bunch more times. i think i was killed at least 5 to 10 times when i attuned to my impure.
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    Got me last night wearing 10x hdp plate Crit to the neck haha
    You swing a vultite claidhmore at a black forest ogre!
    AS: +401 vs DS: +258 with AvD: +32 + d100 roll: +76 = +251
    ... and hit for 147 points of damage!
    Terrible slash to the black forest ogre's side!
    Entrails spill out, onto the ground!
    Death can be SO messy.
    The light in a black forest ogre's eyes goes out as she collapses and finally dies.

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    I regret that due to a bug in the making of this batch of Coraesine they have courtesy fully bonded them.

    The bug was that they were blessable and had the side effect of making it impossible to bond. In that light they granted full affinity.

    I did get to experience near death several times, and the joy of the blade simply stopping mid swing though, so I did get the flavor of the spirit of attuning it.

    I'd rather they were blessable again, and I had to work to attune it.
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