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Thread: narost narost2 and xnarost all spamming location verb

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    I am unable to figure out what is causing it but no matter which of the 3 map scripts use the location verb when i enter a new area, creating spam that is potentially annoying other people as well as myself.
    I have googled and googled and can't figure it out.
    Just installed Lich, my ruby version is 2.0.0-p648.
    Any ideas on why this is happening?


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    Post a screenshot of said spam.
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    It's due to one of two things. Either the room your in has more than two versions in the mapdb (two different IDs) and /or the checklocation setting is set to true for the room as well.

    What we need is the room ID it's doing it in so we can compare the mapdb for the room ID in question.
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    Happens in the Rift quite a bit too.
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    Ultimately horibu was correct I have multiple version of the mapdb, reinstalling stormfront and redoing my lnet repos corrected the issue. Thanks for the responses.

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