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Thread: Of manaleech.lic and wasp nests

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    Default Of manaleech.lic and wasp nests


    I use manaleech as a background script in BigShot.

    Currently, I'm on Teras and manaleech has paused bigshot and tried to leech from a wasp nest multiple times. Once my runestaff flared and they got me.

    Can someone help me make this not happen?

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    I think I had similar issues with manaleech causing problems not playing well with other scripts. Instead I wrote this simple combat script, and put it into my rotation:
    target = script.vars[0]
    minmana = maxmana * 0.80
    if mana < minmana && Spell[9516].timeleft < 1560
    	if !GameObj.dead
    With bigshot you can just copy this to a file (I call mine leech), and then just do script leech target, and it will cast at the target you're currently killing. Using this at the start or after you disable will leech pretty regularly. The only logic that isn't in the script is the logic when you've leeched too often (I think the timeleft part is too long perhaps), so that would be a good fix.
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    I spoke to Tysong and he patched it so manaleech.lic doesn't target wasp nests or gremlocks anymore.

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