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Thread: GS in MN Gathering, Spring 2018

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    Default GS in MN Gathering, Spring 2018

    Hi folks, it's that time of year again! Let's have a GS in Minnesota gathering.

    Date: Friday, June 8, 6:30pm.

    Location: Grumpy's Downtown - 1111 S Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55415.

    Please RSVP so that I can get ample space set aside at the bar.

    Hope to see many of you in a few short weeks!
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    I like the Friday. Location is no preference.


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    We have one vote for Grumpy's DT & date of no preference on the officials.

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    Got another vote for Friday; no preference on location.

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    I vote Friday at Grumpy's, but will have to confirm I can make it.
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    Ok, Friday at Grumpy's it is. Updating original post. See you all soon!

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