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Thread: Locker Cleaning part 1

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    Default Locker Cleaning part 1

    *** This auction is closed as I'm moving east of the Dragonspine for a bit. If you want to offer double MB as a buyout, I'll accept that, but it may be a few days before I am back west again. FWI is still an option. ***

    Locker cleaning part 1. Once, twice, sold. Delivery is to west side of the Dragonspine.
    Edit: also to Mist Harbor (FWI).

    W1. a fel-handled imflass war hammer +12 OHB, 4 pounds (ML), +6 DB. MB: 100k


    Ra2. a sturdy ipantor light crossbow +17, 6 pounds, ipantor sighting. MB: 50k

    Unarmed Combat:
    U1. some pure white leather gloves with a snowflake on the palm +20, <1 pound (ML), cold flares. MB: 50k
    U2. a pair of dark blue leather boots with white vaalin buckles +20, 2 pounds. MB: 50k

    Co2. a dingy linen haversack Tier 1 pelt bag, 3/40 (can L/D), shoulder worn. MB: 50k
    Co8. a weathered leather wand belt <1 pound/5 pounds (ML/D), holds wands, beltworn. MB: 50k


    M1. a golden toy chest charm 100 use fancy disk. MB: 50k
    M2. an elongated mouse skeleton bracelet scripted bracelet. MB: 50k
    M3. a pair of sage green suede gloves with silvered fingertips Unlocked Bazzelwyn gloves. MB: 500k
    M5. a fading red sun emblem – chrism holder, Phoen. MB: 50k
    M7. a dark silver dagger with a blackened hide hilt self-scripted dagger MB: 50k
    M8. a gnarled wrotwood torch raise, wave, light, extinguish. MB: 50k
    M9. a spiraled oak torch raise, wave, light, extinguish. MB: 50k
    M10. a silk-wrapped white slate chalkboard MB: 50k
    a piece of charcoal grey chalk
    M12. a cerulean sea nymph mask feature altering mask. Lasts for 3 hours at a time. MB: 250k
    She has tilted, silver-striated azure eyes and creamy white skin.
    She has long, fine cerulean hair intricately woven with moonlight silver ribbons into a crown braid, though several sea foam green wisps slip free to form a glistening halo about the face.
    She has a heart-shaped face, a pert nose and a pair of sand-dappled, arching eyebrows.
    M16. a brass-framed eyepatch inset with a dark crystal lens Feature change when worn. MB: 50k
    M18. a hollowed glass rod inset with a zorchar filament Zap your friends using a cloth or pelt to charge it. MB: 50k
    M19. a darkened pine box Arkati box, Lornon aligned. Tier 2. MB: 50k
    M21. a pokerworked modwir yo-yo Scripted toy. MB: 50k


    Sold and Delivered Items:
    W2. a golvern dirk +25 dagger, <1 pound (ML), temp VHCW, enhanced: +1 Armor Use Ranks (4 trains), +7 Stamina Recovery (17 trains), quite a few charges, enhancive persists. MB: 100k CB: 100k Vishnell Sold!
    W3. a fir-handled golvern awl-pike +25, 8 pounds, fire flares, enhanced: +1 Spirit Mana Control Ranks (2 trains), lot of charges, persists. MB: 100k CB: 100k Aralin Sold!
    W4. an ironwood and argent rolaren longhammer +25 Hammer of Kai, realm flares. MB: 250k Sold on Buyout!
    Ru1. a villswood runestaff +23/3x acuity, 4 pounds. MB: 500k CB: 500k sitka Sold!
    Ru2. a snow white illthorn runestaff +25, 4 pounds, sanctified. MB: 50k CB: 50k Eoghain Sold!
    Ru3. a scorched illthorn runestaff +25, 2 pounds (ML), cold flares, enhanced: +2 Agility Bonus (7 trains), +2 Influence Bonus (4 trains), lot of charges, persists. MB: 50k CB: 50k Aralin Sold!
    Ra1. a dark ipantor longbow bound by a blackened pewter kraken +27, 2 pounds (ML), ipantor sighting. MB: 500k CB: 1.5m to Stigs Sold!
    Co1. a mesh steel-linked harness Hold a polearm/runestaff, scripted, 9 pounds, can lighten. MB: 50k CB: 50k to Hiraeth Sold!
    Co3. a riveted thick leather knapsack Tier 1 pelt bag, 8/100 (can L/D), back worn. MB: 50k CB: 100k Sold on Buyout!
    Co4. a threadbare muslin sack Tier 1 pelt bag, 3/30 (can L/D), belt worn. MB: 50k CB: 50k to Vilthanis Sold!
    Co5. a frayed burlap sack Smuggling sack. MB: 50k CB: 50k to BHawk Sold!
    Co6. a viridian silk velvet gem pouch woven with gilded silken drawstrings <1 pound/10 (Max L, can deepen), put gems in while closed, super secure gem pouch, not unlocked. MB: 50k CB: 50k to Vilthanis Sold!
    Co7. a frayed leather harness Tier 2 Cidolfhus, 3/25 (can L/D), front worn. MB: 50k CB: 50k to Vilthanis Sold!
    C1. some flat silver-laced sandals <1 pound, super scripty footwear. MB: 50k CB: 150k Char Sold!
    M4. a miniature chimney-shaped contraption – make custom wand/rod from Ranger imbues.
    Ex. A crimson and silver swirled rod. MB: 50k CB: 100k Rovvigen Sold on Buyout!
    M11. a wood-framed dark slate chalkboard MB: 50k CB: 50k Orthin Sold!
    a piece of snow white chalk
    M13. a polished whalebone drinking horn Tier 1 scripted drinking horn, belt worn. MB: 50k CB: 50k Char Sold!
    M14. a six-legged zoetic quill with a golden rachis and lavender vane scripted quill (wear, remove, gaze, rub, show, stare, touch, whisper) MB: 50k CB: 100k Hiraeth Sold!
    M15. a dented riveted tin monocle Donor eye language reading capable. More. MB: 250k CB: 250k Char Sold!
    M17. a jointed wooden doll Fully assembled Delirium Doll, no core. MB: 50k Sold on Buyout!
    M20. a square mold of clay Make a copy of actual item for Delirium Doll. MB: 50k CB: 50k Lupine1732 Sold!
    M22. a pale pink flyrsilk tote with an opal clasp closure Writer’s kit. MB: 50k CB: 50k Elysia Sold!
    L1. a curved vaalin fishhook Vaalin lockpick, earworn. MB: 100k CB: 100k to Ravenwood Sold!
    L2. a slender vaalin skeleton key on a thick silver waistchain Vaalin lockpick, waistworn. MB: 100k CB: 100k Char Sold!
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    Mb on L1

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    Ra1 - MB

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    Ru2. a snow white illthorn runestaff MB
    C1. some flat silver-laced sandals MB

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    M20 mb please

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    MB on Co1 and M14, please

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    MB on M22.

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    Mb M11

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    C1 sandals 150k
    M13 drinking horn 50k
    M15 monocle 250k
    L2 skeleton key 100k

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