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    I'm lost as to the value of fusion orbs these days. Here is a list, and I'm curious what guidelines I should follow to price these out. If you see something you want, and have a BO in mind, let me know...

    These are all old style? Is that a tier or something? Some of them might be worth keeping for my UAC warmage, but haven't decided yet...

    a cat-marked sunset orange orb = +3 DEX Bonus
    an arrow-marked hoarfrost white orb = +4 Ranged Bonus
    an asp-marked hoarfrost white orb = +7 Ranged Bonus
    a giant-marked cardinal red orb = +8 STR
    an owl-marked hoarfrost white orb = +13 Harness Power Bonus
    a tiger-marked hoarfrost white orb = +11 stalking and hiding
    a fist-marked hoarfrost white orb = +10 Brawling Bonus
    a dog-marked dark indigo orb = +13 Stamina recovery
    a staff-marked hoarfrost white = +7 Spell Aiming Bonus
    a throne-marked moonlit silver orb = +4 Combat Maneuvers Ranks
    an owl-marked cardinal red orb = +7 LOG Stat
    a torch-marked sunset orange orb = +5 INT Bonus
    a lizard-marked sunset orange orb = +3 AGI bonus
    a bird-marked cardinal red orb = +5 DEX Stat
    a jewel-marked cardinal red orb = +3 AUR Stat
    a vereri-marked hoarfrost white orb = +4 spell aiming BONUS
    a bear-marked cardinal red orb = +5 to STR
    a bear-marked sunset orange orb = +3 to STR bonus

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    Analyze the orbs to see if they are T3 (old) or T2 (new/degrading ones)
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    They are all T3, I've had these for a while in the locker before the fusion changes.

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