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Thread: Noobs Guide to CCF:

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    I can't find a list of all the IW flare options, but assuming airbolt is the flare you are talking about 505 works as well. I won IW at one of the coraesine field events and put them on some gloves that I intended to enchant to 10x with a potion I got there as well. When the pour didn't take I assisted and posted on the forums. The response was that they weren't enchantable by wizards and it wasn't an oversight. My host got permission to refund my wasted potion pour. I had hoped it was just an oversight as 735 originally didn't work with IW since any spell casted at the weapon attempted to give it flares. So, ensorcellable but not enchantable unless a GM has changed the code in the last few years.

    >prep 505
    You speak quietly in flowing elven, preparing the Hand of Tonis spell...
    Your spell is ready.
    >cast my gloves
    You gesture at some soft leather gloves.
    The leather gloves is surrounded with a vortex of air, drawing in the spell.
    Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.

    >anal gloves
    You analyze your leather gloves and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

    The leather gloves is allowed the following type of flares:


    It currently has: Airbolt flares.

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    Thanks, that's very helpful! Definitely taking the 7x lance instead of the 3x katar then, and good to know my wizard can add air if I decide on that.

    And I'm guessing (nothing's confirmed) that the available Ironwright flares at CCF will be the same as at Duskruin:
    fire, cold, electrical, impact, acid, void, plasma, disintegrate, disruption, unbalance, web, airbolt

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    Still worth asking for clarification on if enchanting them is possible. Other thing to know is how many flare choices you get. 1, 2, or 3 picks. Doubt it goes higher than that.

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    So I’ve never been to an event like this. Can you just sit in the room and try to win something that you don’t even need - say, defusion or +1 Ithzir - and then hawk your spot to folks in the room who didn’t win?

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    Its 2 picks for ironwright this time.

    And yes, you can just sit in a room to win something you don't need then sell it. This time around there's not even any win limits, just surcharges, coupled with no ticketing that means a few people are going to dominate even more than usual. So don't feel bad, just try to win everything possible and sell it for as much as possible, because if you don't someone else will.

    I prefer events with win limits that spread the love around a bit more, but you can get lucky and make a lot of silvers at these type of festivals.

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    selling your spot is totally unheard of

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    I have been using armor resistance a lot lately, and I'll share some observations.

    On maneuvers, 20% armor resistance is what you need to really make a difference on whether a maneuver kills you or not. Perhaps this is because rank 9 torso shots are fatal, whereas rank 7 arnt, and 20% can reduce a 9 to a 7. Not really sure, but in practice I see a big difference on surviving when I have 20% resistance that I just don't see with 10% resistance.

    So I think you will have much better results by using the 10% resistance from this event to stack on armor that already has some resistance to obtain 20%+. I echo the suggestion for impact resistance. Lightning resistance may also be a good choice. And impact resistance and lightning resistance cannot be added by a warrior or a ranger, whereas other resistances like crush/slash/puncture/fire/nature/cold can all be added by warriors and rangers typically in a far greater amount than even the highest amount you would be able to reach with this service.

    Also some general resistance advice. It does stack ... to protect my legs against earthen fury, I am using 20% full cover impact resistance with 95% full coverage fire resistance, both apply to the leg shots, and on top of that I am wearing leg greaves with 95% cold resistance and 40% cold resistance, and that all applies to the leg shots too. Nothing is halved ... halving is a thing that only can happen to padding, not resistance.

    Also, at past events I understand resistance was permitted on shields, and the shield would give full coverage resistance when used. If you add fresh resistance to anything, instead of building up armor that already has a resistance which I recommend, then perhaps a high end shield would be a good choice if permitted at this event.
    The enhancive king of chicago

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    Ironwright is very fun. I'm very tempted to get one for the airbolt.

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    Here is an example, from later today after I posted, of 20% impact resistance saving avignon's life. The resistance reduced the crit rank down to rank 4, which was non-fatal. I think 10% resistance may left it a rank 5, which would have been death.

    A minotaur warrior snatches up a blackened steel moon axe!
    The minotaur warrior stomps his hooves in the dirt, lowers his head, and charges toward Avignon! Avignon leaps to the side, but fails to get completely out of the way.
    Some fissured grey leather scalemail outlined with ebon partially deflects the onslaught of the impact attack.
    ... 20 points of damage!
    Good blow to neck!!
    Something snaps!
    He is stunned!

    Also, here is 95% ranger fire resist on main armor, even though the main armor is covered with cold resist / puncture resist leg greaves, you can see that I still got the fire resist on the leg shots. And I dont think it was halved or anything like that, I think I got the full resist.

    A minotaur magus gestures at you!
    A minotaur magus hurls a roaring ball of fire at you!
    Some cracked grey leathers fastened by gornar buckles partially deflects the onslaught of the fiery attack.
    AS: +344 vs DS: +295 with AvD: +57 + d100 roll: +57 = +163
    ... and hits for 5 points of damage!
    Minor burns to right leg. That hurts a bit.
    The roaring ball of fire strikes you, blossoming into a much larger sphere of flame upon impact.
    Some cracked grey leathers fastened by gornar buckles partially deflects the onslaught of the fiery attack.
    ... 5 points of damage!
    Minor burns to back. Feels uncomfortable.

    A burst of flame from a minotaur magus's roaring ball of fire flies off and hits Avignon!
    Some fissured grey leather scalemail outlined with ebon partially deflects the onslaught of the fiery attack.
    ... 5 points of damage!
    Minor burns to abdomen. Looks painful.
    The enhancive king of chicago

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    This entire guide is slanted to "Sell it to Alastir or people with 50 million anytime you win" that it kind of makes the occasional tidbits of advice moot. Items have value to their owners. If you take a really cool 5x axe or katana to 6x and keep all of the gadgets you probably got your money worth and 50 million silver never guarantees you'll get the item you supposedly wanted vs. the 6x weapon you could have got.

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