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Thread: Epic Deep Containers

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    Default Epic Deep Containers

    1. a knapsack - 2lbs, holds 200lbs - SOLD

    2. a delicate ivory silk pelisse fastened by a silvery vaalin chain - 1/2lbs, holds 200lbs - SOLD

    3. a long autumnal byssine cloak with a deep satin-lined hood - 5lbs, holds 200lbs, +2 STR Stat, +2 to CM Bonus, +2 to Stamina Recovery (no level requirement) - 12mil OBO

    OR (keeping one of the two cloak-worns)

    3. a scarlet silk smoking jacket - 5lbs, holds 200lbs, and scripted with following analzye information:

    The creator has also provided the following information:

    This item must remain some type of a coat or jacket. It may not be sleeveless.

    You may adorn the front of the silk smoking jacket with suitable pins, flowers, or handkerchiefs.

    Currently, there is no adornment on the front of the silk smoking jacket. You may add one using PUSH while holding the jacket.

    The silk smoking jacket is unlocked.

    Without an adornment attached, you'll find that you can WEAR, REMOVE, PUSH, PULL, RUB, NUDGE, TAP, and TINKER the jacket.
    Once you attach an adornment, you'll find you can also POKE, PINCH, PROD, and TURN the jacket.

    You can tell that the jacket is as light as it can get and that its pockets could not possibly get any deeper.
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    OBO added

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    Knapsack gone.

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    What did the knapsack sell for?

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    It sold for 7mil. Bump - these still for sale. Please send offers via PM if you're interested in negotiating.

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    Prices reduced. Get them while you can!

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    super lightweight cloak gone. Still have the enhancive OR scripted cloak that takes adornments available! PM me with offers if interested.

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    closing this sale, going to post one of the cloaks in an auction instead.

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