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Thread: Violenttmoon / Vrom / Starmizt whereabouts....

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    Just wanted to post a 24 hour update on mum. She has woken up a couple times since she has been hospitalized, she is responsive answering basic questions and drinking basic fluids (water/juice) She has had dialysis a couple times since she's been taken in. She is still on a breathing system to assist her with breathing but nothing else has changed so far. I want to thank everyone who's been sharing my gofundme on facebook, It's been shared 25 times already and people are starting to assist with the move. I have spoken to my landlord and he is giving us a 25% discount on last months rent as a gift to our move. Thank you everyone for the support. I am going to be posting updates going forward on only because I have to copy/paste updates to several forums/facebook groups each time I update her status... apparently my mum is more popular than me... with over 2000 friends!!!

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    Please send your mom my love (from Severine). She's one of my dearest friends IG and my heart goes out to your entire family.

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    New update posted everyone. Thanks again for this overwhelming amount of support during our relocation so Mel (wife) can take care of mum with me! She is off the breathing machine and speaking again.

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    Please tell her Hlendril prays for her everyday. I really wish I could at least give a dollar but it sucks that Im going through some crap as well. All I can do is pray for her and tell everyone about her situation.
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    Please give her hugs from Mistaia as well; like Rovvi I did the dialysis thing for aaaages too. Sending my love and will do the gofundme as well. I hope you can get down there ASAP <3 *hugs*

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    Quick update everyone. Mum should be out of the hospital in the next 72 hours. And going into a 7-21 day rehab (depending on condition.) Also, I have had a couple requests for a direct Paypal / Venmo link for those who don't want to use gofundme (which I understand) So here are the links for those. FYI the paypal account is my wife's as she handles that and the Venmo is mine.


    Venmo: @Kevin-Sharer

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    Much love from Vrom's IG daughter, Yosa. I'll be hopping onto the gofundme here momentarily. Good luck, and big hugs from all of us.
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    Thanks for the constant updates

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    HI I am truly sorry for this situation. I play Sebthyl a half-krol Cleric who Vrom adopted one of many. Vrom has shown great kindness to me and mine and everyone she has interacted with! please wish her all the best from me and tell her she has to get better I needs to be able to say Hi Pappy!!! to her again. My thoughts and prayers will be with you guys. Hope to see you both soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rovvigen View Post
    Thanks for the constant updates
    No worries! Speaking of updates! Incoming!

    So Mum is home for anyone not watching the gofundme updates! Woo! She has a visiting nurse and is doing better, She's back into her dialysis routine and says all the support of her GS4 family has helped a lot with her recovery! She wants to introduce the newest member of the family, a baby chick one of her birds had! If anyone has suggestion on names don't hesitate to throw them out! We are just a few more weeks away from moving down, just need to get a couple more dollars in the bank to make the move. Will be with mum very soon! Can't wait. baby.jpg

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