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Thread: some stuff from my locker

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    Default some stuff from my locker

    1. Gleaming golvern craquemarte with a dolphin-shaped pommel – +25 enchant; disrupting flares; ENHANCIVE: +5 to Edged Weapons BONUS; ENHANCIVE: +5 to Combat Maneuvers BONUS; more than your average giantman could count charges; on enhancive it persists." Anfelt script fully unlocked 500k mb 750k zephryii SOLD
    2. Exquisitely wrought lamellar shirt of coarse leather – +25 rigid leather 50k mb 50k ravenwood last chance SOLD
    3. Veil iron longsword – 3 pounds +30 enchant; earth flares; temp somewhat crit weighted -quite a few uses 200k mb 250k zephryii SOLD
    4. Plain wooden runestaff capped with an uncut diamond – +20 enchant; 6x acuity flares 200k mb 1.5m vishnell. Sold
    5. Circular invar knit’s shield – +27 medium 200k mb

    8. Silver symbol of kai; the spell is Heroism; (215); on magic it persists several. Holy symbol divine presence within 500k mb 500k bigworm sold
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    mb on 6

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    4 - 200k

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    I bought out number 6 to give to a dear friend if anyone was wondering.

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    Mb on 2

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    200k on 3
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    500k on 4

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    How long do the sips from 7 last?
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