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Thread: DivePirates list of MISC locker findings

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    I'll take the mottled parchment and the chaplet, thanks!
    Wyrom: Crux already died for our sins.
    SEND[Kenstrom] Behold Dark Cruxophim, Blood Reaver and Weaver of Shadows, eater of Rooks, corruptor of orphans, flayer of flesh...but won't read a letter from some dying woman's diary, haha.
    Thadston says, "Stand down Baron, and your men. Or I swear to Koar, Liabo, Lornon, Cruxophim, I will release your daughter and watch her die right here."
    Stormyrain evenly asks, "Did you just make Cruxophim a god?"
    --Order of the Shadow--

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlayedAngel View Post
    I'll take the mottled parchment and the chaplet, thanks!
    all yours!
    Arr Matey-Level 86 Fire Orb CS Wizard
    Phalcon-Level 47 Limb Distrupt Sorcerer
    Bovine-Level 12 Diablo2 Cow King Reimagined

    For Sale: 6x/10x acuity T4 nerve staff. T2 ensorcell. 250m/$1750 OBRO.
    For Sale: 8x, T5 ensorcell, max light, medium shield 30m takes it!
    Want to buy: level 20-30 empath MSG me with price and stats
    Want to buy: 7x+ project runestaff

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    I will take the chain gauntlet and sharks tooth please.
    GSIV:Jhacen: "raise me you stupid bitch"

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