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Thread: Spring Cleaning Auction #1 - Low Reserves on All Items

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    2.5m - W6. a pair of bright pink gloves

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    E1 11m

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    I'll raise the bid to 16 million silvers on W3 please.

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    E1 13m

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    600k - C2. a high-collared crisp white tailored shirt with eahnor cufflinks
    550k - C4. a tailored black silk shirt adorned with golden wyvern buttons
    750k - O14. a crimson battle standard bearing the crest of Ta'Vaalor (wearable (affects look)

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    O11. an icy snowflake-filled jar - MB: 50k
    O13. a slender haon pole - MB: 50k
    O16. an indigo-edged silver vellum - MB: 50k

    Minimums on each please and thank you.
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    Bids updated. Little tired, so will be contacting winners current and past tomorrow.

    Why? Because racecar.

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    Ill go 50k on a4
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    I had a bid over the runestaff when it was "going once" now its sold?

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    3.25m - W6. a pair of bright pink gloves - CB: 3m = Orthin :: TWICE

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