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Thread: Official: CCF 2018 - Service Schedule

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    Default Official: CCF 2018 - Service Schedule

    I know there's already the CCF Service thread here and here but people don't use OFFICIAL for OFFICIAL GM POSTS in the title so it can be easily searched for. So now we get 3 and it'll never be missed. Also, pretty tables.

    This is the tentative schedule. There are a few things that aren't on this list that need some final notes before they can be added. I don't see them not being added, but it is a possibility. Those things will be added to Friday after midnight (EDT).

    Friday and Saturday are MAJOR services only. Each win is per account. You will be able to win multiple MAJOR services with a very steep silver surcharge. That surcharge grows VERY rapidly. Passing items or leaving the area after you are selected will result in either a forfeiting of your win or the same surcharge listed for multiple wins.

    Selection methods will be up to the merchant, but will likely be something quick like a spinner, list, or raffle. Any fees associated with the selection process do not count toward the fees of the service. The cost of services will be determined by the service you are receiving and the item properties you already have, if applicable. Item restrictions may apply on some scripted items. If you can get it at Duskruin, you can get it here.

    Quantity of services will be explained at the time of the service. The total quantity of the schedule for MAJOR services is over 350.

    **Time EDT** **Friday, May 11th****Quantity****Details**
    9:00 PM Permabless2Can't be added to unholy metals or unholy scripted items.
    9:30 PM Dwarf Healer Tattoo2Tattoo is applied to the neck. Dwarf uses herbs to heal you.
    10:00 PM Fusion Slot Increase10+1 slot upgrade to fusion gear.
    10:30 PM IthzirArmor10+1 upgrade on IthzirArmor in a tree of your choice.
    11:00 PM Spell Knowledge Enhancive3Enhancive added to item with no other enhancives.
    11:30 PM Defusion5Remove fusion script.
    12:00 AM DB Enchanting5+5 to a DB item.
    12:30 AMGlamour Tattoo1Tier 2.
    1:00 AM CreatureBane10Pick a specific creature bane. Example Ithzir champions or war griffins. Flares only.
    1:30 AM White Ora and Black Ora2 and 2Tier 3 premade weapon.
    2:00 AM Snake Flares10Poison, paralyzing, or random flares (snake added to description).

    **Time EDT** **Saturday, May 12th****Quantity****Details**
    9:00 AM Ironwright5Pick 2 flare types from a list.
    10:00 AM 5 Year Enhancive Charge3Add a charge that lasts 5 years. Scripted enhancives like fusion and adv. badges will not work.
    10:30 AM Bubble Flares5MDP flares.
    11:00 AM Banshee Flares5+50 TD/bolt DS flares.
    11:30 AM VolnArmor10+1 tier up on VolnArmor.
    12:00 PM Pure and Impure Coraesine1 and 5Weapons are premade. Some restrictions applied.
    12:30 PM Weight Reducing 105% weight reduction.
    1:00 PM Body Features25Body features that you design, ALTER 27.
    1:30 PM Resistance25+10 resistance, cannot be split.
    2:00 PM Briar Weapons1Tier 3 Briar weapon. Weapon is premade.
    2:30 PM X/day Enhancive and Magic Items5 and 5Items are premade.
    3:00 PM Enchanting10+5 enchant.
    3:30 PM Poison Flares5Poison flares between 5 and 15 points of poison damage when set off.
    4:00 PM Runestaff Flares10Acuity (4x) or mana (+2)
    4:30 PM Rare Flares5Crush, puncture, slash, unbalance, and grapple.
    5:00 PM TD Bonus10+5 TD to armor or shields.
    5:30 PM AS Bonus5+5 AS to armor.
    6:00 PM ClimateWear Feature Hiding5Add a feature hiding hood to a CimateWear piece.
    6:30 PM Rune Tattoos3Tattoo location should be a visible location.
    7:00 PM EZScript Package25 EzScripts to a single item.
    7:30 PM Defenders5+5 DS to a weapon.
    8:00 PM Enchanting Potions2Three potions with (8x) 10, (9x) 11, and (10x) 12 doses.
    8:30 PM Partial Enchants25+2/+3 to an item that is already at a partial enchant.
    9:00 PM Briar Weapons5 and 10Tier 2 and 1 Briar weapon. Weapon is premade.
    9:30 PM Runestaff Flares10Acuity (4x) or mana (+2)
    10:00 PM Partial Enchants25+2/+3 to an item that is already at a partial enchant.
    11:00 PM Enchants15+5 enchant.
    12:00 AM Resistance25+10 resistance, cannot be split.
    1:00 AM Customizations2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 5Logphrases, spell prep, signature, loresong, greater, armor and weapon mood, tier 3 GoryWeapon, and Familiars
    2:00 AM Gold Ring tattoos5Tattoo is applied to the ring

    Sunday, May 13th

    **Time EDT** *Service* *Total* *Price*
    11am Enhancive Removal (50)100,000
    1pm 1 Year Enhancive Charge (15)2,500,000
    2pm Uncommon Flares (15)Varies
    3pm Common Flares (25)Varies
    4pm Spikes (unlimited)100,000
    5pm Pocket Adding (unlimited)50,000

    Loresongs, logphrases, spell preps, signatures, etc.
    +1 tier up. Must already have the scripted ability on the armor.
    These are premade items.

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    no rotflares?

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    >>is custom familiar a possibility under customizations?


    >>and if so is it possible to get the clockwork owl from Clash of the Titans?

    Not sure, I'll find out how custom is custom.

    >>So just to clarify for me, if i win and someone passes me the item we both get dinged and both charged a surgcharge?

    Yes. Or disqualified entirely from CCF.

    >>Is there a limit to the fusion slot increase?

    I believe the system can only go to 10, I don't think anyone is close to this.

    >>Does this mean your character or account cannot already have an enhancive or that the item you place it on can't already have other enhancives?

    The item.

    >>Also, what spells are possible please?

    Spell lists will be available closer to the event.

    >>Luxie and her 15million silvers want to know if there is any hope of being able to afford anything.

    If you have top end items and expect to get work, probably not. If you are in the middle of the road, definitely.

    >>Also ... will there be a way to know how much the service is going to cost BEFORE we place ourselves in line to be selected?

    All items will vary in ways, so no, there isn't really a way to do that.

    >>Ooh, what kind of weapons are we looking at here? Will the mythical underwater coraesine katana make an appearance?

    It's just that you don't supply an item. Katanas, naginatas, and claidhmores usually are restricted here.

    >>No greater flares?

    Not for this.

    >>will payment by another character be allowed? or passing of silvers?


    >>>1:00 PM Body Features

    >>this is major?

    Yes, until this event, it was a Summit Academy only thing via premade selections.

    >>>>What is a partial enchant? Is it taking an enchant not evenly divisible by 5 to the next enchant evenly divisible by 5 (e.g., +18 to +20)? Are there situations when a partial enchant is preferable to a full enchant?

    >>Yes, it's taking a +2/+3 to the next standard enchant divisible by 5. No, there is not a situation where a partial enchant is better.

    Omrii has you covered.

    >>1 - Which spells are options for X/day magic items?

    Will be listed closer to the event.

    >>2 - Which of the following are player enchantable (assuming the item is otherwise plain): weapons with creature bane, weapons with snake flares, Ironwright weapons?

    No, likely very hard, not sure (script isn't very telling).

    >>3 - Do body features have the same guidelines as long descriptions?

    No. ALTER 27

    >>4 - How much does the weight reducing service, well, reduce?


    >>5 - Which rare flares are options?

    Same offered at Duskruin. Unbalance, Grapple, Puncture, Slash, and Crush. No, they aren't the same as mechanical flares.

    >>Just checking but with the W/P/S changes will Permablessing be allowed for weighted weapons without flares?

    Should be.

    >>Also, any chance glamour tattoos will be offered as a MINOR service?

    Heh, no. Glamour tattoos require us to code your specific look into the game permanently. This service is likely more intensive to perform than anything on the current list.

    >>What is the deal with the rush on this and the short notice? I bet I can manage the day off and I can afford services, but a tease then an announce and 13 days later the event? I'm annoyed and I tend to be pretty pro-Wyrom.

    Others have already mentioned it was announced about a month ago. But as for why it wasn't announced even sooner than that? It's because this is a pet project. Like the 2016 Great Auction. I have a directive to perform the other events rain or shine. This is something I have to make time for and do beyond my normal duties. Every ounce of work put in here is not included in my project load.

    >>Greater mood scripts as a minor, maybe?

    Nope, the amount of work that goes into them is up there with custom logphrases, spell preps, and signature verbs.

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    Where's my precious knockout flares...
    It must be hard to type with ghostcrawlers penis lodged in your ass. - g++

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dora View Post
    KO is considered greater flares.
    KO is a script flare, not a "greater" flare. It doesn't compete with the types of flares they're offering because it doesn't occupy the flare spot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maerit View Post
    KO is a script flare, not a "greater" flare. It doesn't compete with the types of flares they're offering because it doesn't occupy the flare spot.
    To be clear, Greater flares are flare slot + script slot, making them kind of meh imho
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    Here is the **MAJOR services** schedule with details and quantity. Customizations, the Glamour Tattoo, and EzScripts are a delayed service. Body features more be sort of delayed, because that just might take a little bit to get through, and I don't want people missing out on another service. More details on this closer to the event. Everything else must be redeemed after you win it.

    I removed Living/Undead morphing tattoos from the **MAJOR** list. It has been replaced with the **Glamour Tattoo**. The time slots were changed around a little, with Friday having Black Ora and White Ora weapons added to additional slots. Quantity and time slots might be subject to move once more before the event opens. If an error is present in this chart, I apologize in advance.

    See table above in first post.


    Q) __Are there any costs to enter CCF?__
    A) No, but you must have a paid subscription. If you're F2P or on a promo, you won't be able to enter.

    Q) __What if my item needs to have a property removed to apply the service?__
    A) As long as the property is not an inherited item property (ex. white ora being holy), overwriting the property should be possible.

    Q) __How is this CreatureBane different than others offered?__
    A) This one isn't a group of creatures like Ithzir, Extraplanar, or Undead. This one specifically targets one creature archetype. Bandits and Grimswarm are considered one creature archetype in this example. But outside that you'll be picking things like war griffins (not all griffins) or Ithzir champions (not all Ithzir). Flares can be any of the common or uncommon flare choices.

    Q) __What spells are available for [service]?__
    A) I'll publish a list by Friday this week.

    Q) __What resistances are there?__
    A) Slash, crush, puncture, heat, cold, electric, plasma, disrupt, impact, balance, grapple, vacuum, acid, steam, disintegration, and nature.

    Q) __What does premade item mean?__
    A) For the weapons, you pick a weapon profile and the item is created. For the X/day items, you can pick a worn location (or not worn at all).

    Q) __Can I add the weight reduction script if I don't already have it?__
    A) Yes. You can also add the 5% to an existing one to make it even better.

    Q) __Can you give any prices yet?__
    A) Pricing is going to be difficult to share because combat effectiveness is going to play a role in how much something costs. If you have 9x wondrously crit weighted RotFlare returning axe and want to enchant that to 10x, be prepared to pay probably some of the highest silver costs you've ever witnessed. We're going to try to stabilize the cost differences between weapon profiles and armor profiles, but it won't be a flat cost. The selection process for a service will not be included in the cost of the service except for services that are auctioned. I can tell you right now, the Glamour Tattoo will be auctioned. For things with more of a flat fee, I'll try to get those out there soon.

    Q) __Can we get some clarity for the surcharges?__
    A) Okay, after thinking about all this, we're going to standardize how the surcharge works, and I'll disclose the upper tier numbers. The surcharge is going to follow the item, not the account. Services that are not item based will follow the character (like spell preps and tattoos). The surcharge for multiple services to a single item/character service will be 5mil, 25m, 125m, and 625m. After this point, if you think you can afford another one, we'll have to figure out how to proceed because banks can't hold that much silver without breaking the game. Again, you might think the surcharge is silly, but it's a middle ground over 1 win and nothing more.

    Q) __Will there be any sort of item limits per account?__
    A) Due to the surcharge change, this is still TBD.

    **Wyrom, PM**
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    Okay, taking everyone's feedback into account as well as trying to keep it as simple as we can, here is the breakdown.

    Surcharges will be zero, 5mil, 25mil, 125mil, and 625mil for multiple services. This is for your account.

    Surcharges will be zero, 5mil, 25mil, 125mil, and 625mil for a specific item. This is not tied to your account.

    These surcharges will be separate, meaning if you are receiving your second service but the item has already had three services, your surcharge will be 5mil + 125mil = 130mil.

    Passing items and silvers is allowed. Leaving the room won't disqualify you, but if a merchant is working room order and someone moves you, it can very well take you out of line. It will be up to the merchant working if they were keeping track of the order.

    A version of the smithy will be available for the entire duration of the event. The price to enter the smithy will be 100,000 silvers. It will only take silver and there is no warning when walking in. Inside, the blacksmith fees can take a note and/or silver.

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    >>I have an item with a +21 enchant. Will I be able to use the partial enchant service on this item?

    Yes. I should clarify that the partial enchant can be +1, +2, +3, or +4 to make it whole.

    And since I know it has been asked, the current plan for this service is only for items with partial enchants already.

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    Coraesine Forest will be a permanent fixture of the game world after the grounds are opened. Coraesine Forest is located off Sylvarraend Road in Ta'Illistim. It is south of Gyldemar Forest and east of Sylvarraend. There is no bank on the grounds and there will be no transportation to the event. Make sure you're prepared to make the journey!

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