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Thread: 1lb lightening notes: 50k each

  1. Default 1lb lightening notes: 50k each

    1lb lightening notes: 50k each, 90 available

    In the Common language, it reads:
    This note can be REDEEMed to reduce an appropriate item's encumbrance by 1 pound. Most worn containers, armor, and weapons are eligible for this service.

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    50 notes sold...bump
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    Ill take 10
    I might not want to buy your item if you don't use lich to arrange delivery, unless we make special arrangements. PM me if I bid on your item and you don't use lich to see if we are going to have issues with delivery because I don't want to use ICQ, AOL instant messager, smoke signals, etc. to get in touch.

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    I'll take 20

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    I'll take 10

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    Find me in game for pickup.

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